Active, Recently Active, Veterans and Spouses

Certain services related to licensure and certification are available to active and recently active members of the armed services, veterans and spouses.


Examination Reimbursement

Who Qualifies

Veterans that meet Veterans Adminstration (VA) criteria.

What Is Offered

If approved, the VA pays for exam fees up to $2,000 for each exam taken. There is no limit to the number of exams you may take nor the number of times you may take the same exam. The VA will pay for an exam whether or not you pass.

How to Request It

Applying through the VA website/Montgomery GI Bill (Form VBA-022-0803). Please contact the MN Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-546-5838 or your county's veteran service officer for more information. (This benefit is not administered through the Board; you must directly contact one of the sources above).

VA/GI Bill Website


Expedited Licensing

Who Qualifies

An active duty military member; the spouse of an active duty military member; or a veteran who has left service in the two years preceding the date of license or certificate application and has confirmation of an honorable or general discharge status.

What Is Offered

Such applications are given expedited processing and review by staff and Board members.

How to Request It

Simply check the "Yes" box for military service question on the relevant application form (the question will be listed first). See MN Statute 197.4552 Subd. 1 for information on expedited processing.

Application Forms


Temporary Permit

Who Qualifies

An active duty military member; the spouse of an active duty military member; or a veteran who has left service in the two years preceding the date of license or certificate application and has confirmation of an honorable or general discharge status. The individual must also hold a current, valid license or certificate in another state without history of disciplinary action and no criminal history that under the Board's normal licenure application review would adversely affect the applicant's ability to become licensed.

What Is Offered

Qualified applicants receive an expedited temporary permit valid for up to 6 months. You must complete the full application within that 6-month window.

How to Request It

Follow the instructions provided in the application form (below). See MN Statute 197.4552 Subd. 2, MN Statute 326.10 Subd. 10 and MN Rule 1800.0450 for complete information regarding temporary licenses/certificates.

Temporary License Application Form

Continuing Education Exemption

Who Qualifies

Those called to active duty in the military services for a period of time exceeding 120 consecutive days. If you don't fit the above but have other extenuating circumstances, you may qualify under the hardship provision. See the continuing education page. The request will be reviewed by the Board and where such circumstances restrict compliance with the continuing education requirements, as supported by documentation furnished to the Board, the Board may approve an exemption.

What Is Offered

If your service restricted your compliance with the continuing education requirements, the requirements may be waived (see MN Statute 326.107 Subd. 4).

How to Request It

Note: If you need to apply for exemption, you must make that request before you send in your renewal. Complete the Continuing Education Exemption Request Form (available on the Continuing Education page) and submit supporting documentation. See the form for instructions.

Conintuing Education (CE Exemptions)


Renewal Fee Exemption

Who Qualifies

Active members of the armed services or those within six months of their release from active duty.

What Is Offered

Qualifying armed services members are exempt from paying renewal fees (see MN Statute 326.56) and also—with no penalty or loss of licensure/certification—need not take action to renew during their qualifying period.

How to Request It

If you need to request exemption from the continuing education requirement, complete that process first. See the Continuing Education Exemption section for instructions.

To renew:

  • If the renewal period for which you are requesting exemption is the current period, use the print (PDF) version of the renewal form (you cannot renew using the "Online Services" option). Check the "Yes" box related to military service on the renewal form (the question will be listed first). Enclose some type of evidence that you qualify for this benefit. Do not submit any fees.
  • If your service extended into more than one renewal period (for example, from 2022-2025 and so you need both 2022-2024 and 2024-2026 exempted) you would request reinstatement rather than renewal. Follow the reinstatement procedure and identify yourself as a qualifying armed forces member.
Renewal Reinstatement

Veterans and Servicemembers Guide

Information Provided In Guide

This guide published by the Office of the State Attorney General summarizes several laws and rights as a veteran, service member, or their dependent. The laws and rights include: Federal Acts, Minnesota State Laws, Credit Laws, and more.

Veteran and Servicemembesr Guide

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