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Initial Licensure

Education Overview

In general, applicants for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam or the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Exam must hold an EAC-ABET-accredited engineering degree or its equivalent. Those attending but not yet graduated from an EAC-ABET-accredited engineering program may apply to sit early for the FE Exam when the requirements in MN Rule 1800.2500 Subp. 2 are met.

Find an EAC-ABET-Accredited Degree Program

If your degree is a) not EAC-ABET accredited or b) from a foreign engineering program not recognized under the Washington Accord, you will need to have your education evaluated. You must use one of the two evaluation companies listed below. Request a Subject Analysis Evaluation. This evaluation type is required; other evaluation types will not be accepted. The original evaluation report must be sent directly from the evaluation service to the Minnesota Board, either by US mail or electronically.

Foreign or US transcripts:
NCEES Credentials Evaluation
Foreign transcripts only:
Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)

For details on all the above, see the application for the particular exam (below) or MN Rule 1800.2500 Subp. 2 (FE) or MN Rule 1800.2500 Subp. 2a(A) (PE).


Experience Overview

When you apply for the PE Exam, you must provide evidence that you meet the qualifying experience requirements. Qualifying experience consists of varied, progressive, nonrepetitive, practical experience at engineering work, developing the ability to apply the theoretical knowledge gained during academic training in making sound judgments in solving engineering problems. See MN Rule 1800.2805 for the full definition.

How much experience you need depends upon the type of education you earned. See MN Rule 1800.2500 Subp. 2a(B) for details. Use the Experience Reference (EXP) form, which is part of the PE Application Form packet.

You must customize and send a copy of the EXP form to every supervisor verifying your experience. The completed form must be sent by the supervisor directly to the Board. An example of a completed EXP form is in the Additional Resources section.

Your supervisor does not need to be a licensed engineer in order to sign off on your experience.


Examination Overview

In most instances, applicants must first pass the FE Exam and then the PE Exam in order to be considered for licensure (although the FE Exam can be waived under certain conditions—see MN Rule 1800.2800).

Both exams are administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES); but before you can register with NCEES, you must first apply to and be approved by the Board to sit for the exam.

Examination Application Packets

These application packets provide a wealth of information regarding the application process, including links to Minnesota Rules and relevant associated websites (such as NCEES). We encourage you to thoroughly review the instructions and the forms.

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE) Application
Principles & Practice of Engineering Exam (PE) Application

NOTE: Minnesota is not a discipline-specific state. Those applying to sit for any discipline of the PE Exam, including Structural, should use this same form.


Exam Appli­cation Deadlines

FE Exam

The FE Exam is administered year-round, and so there is no Board application deadline. Once the Board approves your application, you have three years in which to register with NCEES and take the exam before your application to the Board expires. (Note, however, that NCEES registrations expire after one year.)

Testing reservations through NCEES are on a first-come, first-served basis and are restricted by seat availability at each test center.

PE Exam

Exams for most PE disciplines are paper based. The computer-based (CBT) PE Chemical and Environmental exams are administered year-round and have no application deadline. Other CBT exams, such as Nuclear and Petroleum, are offered one day in October each year.

Whatever the exam format, you are advised to apply to the Board early in order to obtain a seat in the testing location of your choice.

For paper-based exams, your application is for the specific exam administration date listed on the application form and expires with that exam administration. For CBT exams, once the Board approves your application, you have three years in which to register with NCEES and take the exam before your application to the Board expires. (Note, however, that NCEES registrations expire after one year.) If your application expires, you must reapply to the Board before you can re-register for another exam administration.

See the table below for applicable deadlines.

PE Exam Date MN Board PE Appli­cation Dead­line PE Exam Admin Services Regis­tration Dead­line
Paper exams: April 5, 2019January 22, 2019February 7, 2019 2pm CT
CBT Nuclear, Petroleum exams: October 15, 2019August 12, 20191 business day before exam date
Paper exams: October 25, 2019August 12, 2019August 29, 2019 2pm CT


Examination Costs

In addition to an application fee, which is listed on the application form, applicants must pay an examination fee to NCEES.

Exam Board Appli­cation Fee Exam Fee
FE $25 Paid to/set by NCEES
PE $75Paid to/set by NCEES


Next Steps After the Exams

Need to Retake an Exam?

See the application form for the exam you need to retake for how to reapply.


After Passing the FE Exam

The Board will officially notify you by mail once you pass the FE Exam. If you have already provided the Board with an official (sealed, sent directly from the institution) copy of your final transcript(s), the Board will include your Engineer-in-Training (EIT) number with your notification. If you sat prior to graduation and so submitted an unofficial transcript with your FE application, note that the Board will not issue an EIT number until they receive an official transcript showing you have completed your EAC-ABET-accredit degree.

Once you have your EIT number and the required experience, you can apply to sit for the PE Exam.


After Passing the PE

The Board will notify you by mail once you pass the PE Exam. You will be instructed how to apply for your license. The license fee is $120.

Note: You are not licensed and cannot practice or hold out as licensed until the Board processes your license.

Regardless of when obtained, your license expires June 30th of every even-numbered year.


Additional Resources


Professional News

PE Environmental exam has its last paper administration October 2018. Year-round registration for CBT administration will begin shortly thereafter, with testing beginning April 1, 2019.

NCEES will discontinue the PE Software Engineering exam after the April 2019 exam administration.

New exam specifications beginning in October 2018 for PE Fire Protection

PE Nuclear Exam goes computer-based October 2018

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