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Rules Governing Definitions, Engineering Examination and Experience, Land Surveying Education and Experience, and Geoscience Education and Experience (R-04579)

Rule Package R-4579 was published in the State Register on March 9, 2020. It is effective as of March 16, 2020.

On or shortly after the effective date, the rule in its revised form will be available on the Revisor's website, a link to which is available on the Board's "Statutes and Rules" page.

Statutes and Rules

The rule changes:

  • allow individuals, upon application and approval of the Board, to take the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) examination before completing the experience requirement if the applicant so chooses and the Board determines they have otherwise met the PE exam requirements;
  • define “one year” of experience for licensure as a professional engineer;
  • clarify the requirements for waiver of the fundamentals of geology and fundamentals of soil science examination;
  • clarify the number of credits that must be completed if an applicant would like to take the fundamentals of geology or fundamentals of soil science examination before completing the education requirement;
  • remove obsolete language regarding non-board-approved curricula;
  • reduce the experience requirement for licensure as a professional geologist or professional soil scientist from five years to four years;
  • remove the requirement for a degree with a major in geology for individuals seeking licensure as a professional geologist and replace with the requirement to obtain 30 semester credits in geology subjects; and
  • clarify the subject areas for coursework required to meet the education requirement for licensure as a professional soil scientist.


Rules of Professional Conduct (R-04449)

Rule Package R-4449, which revises MN Rules 1805 (known as "Rules of Professional Conduct") was published in the State Register on October 14, 2019. It is effective as of October 21, 2019.

What Are Rules?

Rulemaking Flowchart

An administrative rule is a general statement adopted by an agency or board to make the law it enforces or administers more specific or to govern the agency's organization or procedure.

An agency or board may adopt a rule only after the legislature has enacted a law granting this authority to the agency. An agency rule adopted under the rulemaking provisions of Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 14, has the force and effect of law. Rulemaking in Minnesota: A Guide explains each step of the rulemaking process in Minnesota.

Administrative rulemaking follows a very specific and transparent process, which the Rulemaking Progress Chart outlines.


Rulemaking Docket

A Rulemaking Docket is a summary document showing active (current), past recent, and potential future rulemaking packages and their status.

Rulemaking Docket


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