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Application Process

Board members are appointed by the Governor of Minnesota to four-year terms and may serve a maximum of two terms. Board members must be a resident of Minnesota at the time of and throughout their appointment. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please complete the Open Appointments Application from the Secretary of State's website and submit. Contact the Board office with questions.

The following positions are up for appointment in 2024, with applications Architect (1); Professional Engineer (1); Land Surveyor (1); Landscape Architect  (1); Public Member (1)

Seats are noted as "open" and applications are accepted beginning in November of the year prior to the term's expiration, with the exception of mid-term vacancies, which are immediately posted.

Please note that applications do expire after one year.  In the event that a seat remains open or a new seat becomes open a year after you initially applied, you would need to reapply.


What Does It Mean to Serve on the Board?

Board Member Roles Download

Information about the makeup of the Board of AELSLAGID and its responsi­bilities can be found in MN Statutes 326.04–326.07 and in the About/ Board Mission section of this website. Statutes on licensing boards in general can be found in MN Statutes 214. Below is some general information. A flier outlining the Board's mission and values and key Board roles and responsibilities is also available for download.

Roles & Responsibilities
About the Board


Professional Members

By statute, the Board must be comprised of the following licensed professionals: three (3) licensed architects, five (5) licensed engineers (all from different disciplines), two (2) licensed landscape architects, two (2) licensed land surveyors, two (2) licensed geoscientists (professional geologist or professional soil scientist) and (2) certified interior designers.

Professional members must be engaged in the practice of their profession for at least ten years and been in responsible charge of professional work requiring licensure/certification in that profession for at least five years.


Public Members

By statute, the Board must include five (5) public members. A public member is defined as "a person who is not, nor ever was, a member of the profession or occupation being licensed, or the spouse of any such person or a person who has not, nor ever has had, a material or financial interest in either the providing of the professional service being licensed or regulated or an activity directly related to the profession being licensed." (MN Statute 326.32 Subd 11).

Those outside the regulated professions provide invaluable public insight and balance to the Board. If you are not and never have been licensed or certified by the AELSLAGID Board and would like information about what it means to serve, we encourage you to reach out at any time to a Board Member. Anyone fitting the definition above may seek appointment, including those in related industries, for instance: building or code officials or those who have served on boards for their own professions.

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