Professional Firm Registration

Initial Registration

Firms may elect to become a professional firm under MN Statute 319B, which entails first steps taken with the Minnesota Secretary of State. Please refer to the statute for more information.    


If your company elects to become a Professional Firm under MN Statute 319B, you need to send to the Board office:

  1. A completed Firm Registration Application.
    1. This application must be signed by an individual who
      • holds a current license/certificate from the Board, and
      • is an owner or employee of the professional firm.
    2. The application also requires that you list all owners/those with governance authority.
      "Governance authority" means the authority and responsibility to:
      1. determine important policies for a professional firm;
      2. superintend the professional firm’s overall operations; and
      3. maintain general, active management of and ultimate control over all matters involving professional judgment. (MN Statute 319B.02.9)
  2. A copy of your Articles of Incorporation (for Minnesota firms) or Certificate of Authority (for non-Minnesota—otherwise known as "foreign"—firms) from the Minnesota Secretary of State website or call 651-296-2803.
  3. Be sure to include not just the page signed by the Secretary of State but also the page that notes your "Professional Status"/319B election.
  4. $100.00 filing fee (Make the check payable to the “MN Board of AELSLAGID”).

The Board will issue you a Firm Registration certificate.

Professional Firm Initial Registration Form



Annual Registration Renewal

Firm registration with the Board expires on December 31 of each year.

To renew your firm’s registration, send to the Board office:

  1. The Firm Registration Renewal form.
  2. The annual filing fee of $25.00. Make the check payable to the “MN Board of AELSLAGID” (There is no online renewal available).

If you have updated your Articles of Incorporation/Certificate of Authority or if your list of owners/those with governance authority has changed, you will also need to submit this updated information with your renewal form. Further instructions are on the renewal application.

Note: You will not receive a new certificate from the Board. Your cashed check is your proof of payment and renewal.

Professional Firm Renewal Form


If your firm has rescinded its 319B election or has dissolved, please notify the Board in writing.

For other firm registration or renewal questions not answered above, including the status of your registration or renewals, email


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