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Or Seek Reinstatement or Retirement of Your License

For firm permit renewal, see "Firms" page.


Does the Board have your current address?

The Board sends renewal and other important notices by mail. It is in your best interest and a requirement of your licensure/ certification (MN Rule 1800.0120) to notify the Board within 30 days of any address, phone or name change.

Change Name/Address


2016-2018 Licenses and Certificates Have Expired

ALL 2016-2018 licenses and certificates expired on June 30, 2018, regardless of when in the biennium they were issued (MN Statute 326.10 Subd. 8).

There is no grace period with license/certificate expiration. If you need to practice/hold out in Minnesota, and your license/certificate expired on June 30, 2018, renew today.

  1. Download and save the PDF renewal form (link below) to your computer, then open in Adobe Reader (free version available).
    (Completing PDF forms through web browsers is never recommended. Data may not print as expected or may not print at all.)
  2. Gather your continuing education information for July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2018 (see link below for more details). Any carryover from the last renewal will show automatically once you log in. Ethics hours must have been obtained on or after July 1, 2016. If you were issued your initial Minnesota license on or after July 1, 2016, you will not need continuing education to renew for this time period.
  3. You will need to pay by check or money order. Cash, credit, and bill pay are not accepted. Payment must accompany the renewal form: $180 total (includes $60 late fee).
  4. Mail the form, payment, and any other documents you may need to provide (see form) to the Board office (address on form).
2018 Renewal Form


As mentioned in item 2 above, you must meet continuing education (CE) requirements prior to renewing. Licensees or certificate holders making their first biennial renewal are automatically exempt from CE reporting. Others needing to request a CE exemption must make that request prior to renewing, then include the "Letter of Acceptance," from the Board (if the exemption is approved) along with the renewal form.
CE Requirements


To check your license or certificate status or if you have renewal questions:
License Lookup Renewal FAQs


Reinstatement    (License/Certificate Expired June 30, 2016, or Earlier)

If your license or certificate expired June 30, 2016, or earlier, please email to request instructions for reinstatement.

After receiving your information, the Board will send you a reinstatement form customized with your particular fees and continuing education requirements. Reinstatement requirements are described in MN Statute 326.10 Subd.9.



If you are retired and do not wish to renew your license, but would like to be listed on the Board's roster as "retired" rather than "expired," please email to request that change.

You may continue to use your professional title, preceded by the term "Retired" (i.e., John Doe, Retired Architect), but you may not practice or do anything that requires a current license. This requirement is described in MN Statute 326.02 Subd. 1.

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