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State Agency Partners

Download a flyer describing these resources: Enterprise Resources (pdf).

Enterprise Talent Development

Enterprise Talent Development's (ETD) mission is to help build skills, cultivate careers, and develop leaders with Minnesota's government employees. ETD delivers courses to sharpen skills in current roles, develop potential for advancement, and elevate leadership effectiveness. ETD's customized services provide training, coaching, specialized courses, planning, and development assistance tailored to the unique needs of your group. ETD is the state resource to learn, grow, and lead. To learn more about ETD and the services they offer, visit ETD's website.

Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution

The Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution (OCDR) is a unique statewide resource that helps resolve difficult public issues. OCDR does this through their work on individual projects and through training and capacity building so that all of Minnesota has access to new and innovative methods to work through today's challenging issues. OCDR uses structured, facilitated dialogue to help people examine diverse viewpoints and interests so they can build the consensus that leads to better solutions. Their neutrality, expertise, and experience in leading successful projects across the state makes OCDR an effective state-level resource. To learn more about OCDR and the services they offer, visit OCDR's website.

Office of Continuous Improvement

The Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement (MNCI) supports state government agencies as they build a culture of CI and capacity for implementing CI projects in their day-to-day business practices. The office introduced organizational improvement methodologies within Minnesota state government that are commonly used by leading businesses worldwide. The office uses time-tested CI tools and methodologies, including Lean, Six Sigma, Human-centered Design, and more to empower employees and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government services for Minnesotans. To learn more about MNCI and the services they offer, visit MNCI's website.

Organizational Health Services

The Employee Assistance Program's (EAP) Organizational Health team helps when employee behaviors or emotions affect the workplace. EAP has behavioral health experts who consult regularly with supervisors, managers, HR, labor relations, and union leadership. EAP is professional, experienced, and internal to state government. To learn more about Organizational Health Services and the Employee Assistance Program, visit EAP's website.

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