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Request for Proposals

Minnesota Indian Affairs Council
Dakota and Ojibwe Language Revitalization Grant
Request for Proposals

According to the language set forth in the 2021 Minnesota Session Laws, 92nd Legislature, Special Session, Chapter 1, Article 4, Sec. 2, Subdivision 9, funds were allocated for the Indian Affairs Council to provide grants to preserve Dakota and Ojibwe Indian language and to foster education programs and immersion programs in Dakota and Ojibwe language. There are two funding sources available, competitive and immersion. All thorough and complete applications must be submitted to and received by the office of the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, at 161 East St. Anthony Avenue, Suite 919, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55103 or email, Attention: Keegan Flaharty - no later than 4:00 p.m. on September 20, 2021. No late proposals will be considered.

The Dakota and Ojibwe Language Revitalization Grant program, which funds revitalization of Minnesota's first languages, is underwritten by an appropriation from the state's Legacy Fund Amendment. MN Legacy Fund Amendment Information. The eligible project areas are intentionally broad and somewhat flexible to allow creativity and innovation with intent that a diverse array of projects can be funded. Recognized educational institutions in Minnesota, and 510 (C)(3) non-profits located in the State of Minnesota and currently registered with the Secretary of State's office are strongly encouraged to apply. Please clearly indicate what funding source you are applying for in your application.

Please no phone calls related to this posting.

To view the RFP documents:

The RFP has a budget form for year one only; should we include a year two budget?
Yes, this was a mistake on MIAC’s behalf. Please submit a budget that includes year one and year two separated. Given that this was a mistake by MIAC, applicants will not be punished for submitting only a combined year one and two or just year one budget; however, they may be asked to resubmit the budget showing both years.

We had a question regarding the timeline for MIAC. The RFP state grantees will be announced on Oct. 1 but there isn't any information on when the grant start date would be. I know it's a bit preemptive to ask but it is affecting some of the details of our planning process. If you have an estimated grant start date, we would appreciate it!
We don’t have a specific start date for the grants to begin. The grants manager will have a lot of contracts to process at the same time. I would say on average it can take around one month; however, things can be expedited on a case-by-case basis.

I had an additional question about applying for both grant categories. We would like to apply for both but have never tried for the immersion school application. Is there anything that would disqualify us from entering both categories?
I recommend applying for both grant categories. There is no penalty for applying to both grants. Both RFPs are practically the same in terms of what is being asked from you the applicant. It is practically the same proposal request. I do need two separate submitted applications however, to be considered.

Can we only request funding for one year given that we still have open grants from the previous fiscal years because of the pandemic?
Technically yes you can request only funding for the second year; however, I would strongly recommend that you ask for funds for both years. The reason I say that is because MIAC has equal funding amounts to grant out for year one and year two. Hypothetically let say the grant readers give your proposal the same score as another proposal but you both are on edge of whether you receive funding, it could be used as a reason against picking your proposal. Or let’s say you ask for zero the first year but $40K the second, the grant readers might come back and only award $20k because it becomes complicated to take the full 40K from the second year for other awarded proposals. As a reminder, you can always ask for less in the first year as well.