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Urban Indian Advisory Board

Minnesota Statutes

3.922 INDIAN AFFAIRS COUNCIL.Subd. 8.Advisory board. An advisory board on urban Indians shall advise the council on the unique problems and concerns of Minnesota Indians who reside in urban areas of the state. The board must be appointed by the council at the direction of the elected tribal leadership and consist of six Indians residing in the vicinity of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bemidji, and Duluth. At least one member of the board must be a resident of each city. The terms, compensation, and removal of members are as provided in section 15.059.


To protect the sovereignty of the eleven Minnesota tribes and ensure the well-being of all American Indian citizens throughout the state of Minnesota.

Statement of Commitment

We commit to be:
Present - visible, accessible and involved
Focused - we represent, organize and engage community
Optimistic - American Indian resilience can be counted on to solve community challenges
Strategic - share work with community and tribal leadership
Honorable - build, respect, gain, and treasure community trust
Inclusive - attend gatherings, seek input, and listen to ideas for best solutions
Photograph of  Vacant  Duluth Representative
Vacant Duluth Representative
Photograph of  Tera   Nelson
Tera Nelson
Board Vice-Chair
LSW (Red Lake Nation), Bemidji Representative
Photograph of  Richard  Wright
Richard Wright
Minneapolis Representative
Photograph of  Richard  Latterner
Richard Latterner
St. Paul Representative
Photograph of  Margarita   Ortega
Margarita Ortega
Board Secretary
Minneapolis Representative
Photograph of  Dr. John J.  Littlewolf
Dr. John J . Littlewolf
St. Paul Representative
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