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Executive Board Members

MIAC's voting members are uniquely appointed directly by each elected tribal president or chair. Although statutes permit the tribal nations to designate any of their members to serve on MIAC, in practice, the tribal chairs most often serve rather than their designees.
Membership and terms have been revised several times. As of 2016, membership includes one member of ten out of eleven federally recognized tribes sharing a boarder with Minnesota (Executive Board Members), as well as: a member of the governor's official staff designated by the governor; the commissioner of education; the commissioner of human services; the commissioner of natural resources; the commissioner of human rights; the commissioner of employment and economic development; the commissioner of corrections; the commissioner of the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency; the commissioner of Iron Range resources and rehabilitation; the commissioner of health; the commissioner of transportation; the commissioner of veterans affairs; the commissioner of administration (note that each of the commissioners listed in this clause may designate a staff member to serve on the council instead of the commissioner); two members of the house of representatives, appointed by the speaker; and two members of the senate, appointed by its Subcommittee on Committees.
Members appointed to represent the house of representatives or the senate shall no longer serve on the council when they are no longer members of the bodies which they represent and their offices shall be vacant. A member who is a designee of a tribal president or chairperson shall cease to be a member at the end of the term of the designating tribal president or chairperson. Only members of the council representing the aforementioned eleven federally recognized tribes shall vote.
Photograph of  Robert  L Larsen
Robert L. Larsen
Board Chair / President Cansa'yapi
Photograph of  Robert
Robert "Bobby". Deschampe
Board Vice-Chair / Chairman Gichi-Onigaming
Photograph of  Cathy  Chavers
Cathy Chavers
Board Member / Chairwoman Zagaakwaandagowininiwag
Photograph of  Kevin  R.  Dupuis, Sr.
Kevin R . Dupuis, Sr.
Board Member / Chairman Nah-gah-chi-wa-nong
Photograph of  Grant  Johnson
Grant Johnson
Board Member / President Tinta Winta
Photograph of  Faron   Jackson Sr.
Faron Jackson Sr.
Board Member / Chairman Gaa-zagaskwaabiganikaag
Photograph of  Melanie   Benjamin
Melanie Benjamin
Board Member / Chief Executive Misi-zaaga'iganiing
Photograph of  Samuel  R.  Strong
Samuel R . Strong
Board Member / Secretary Miskwaagamiiwi-Zaagaiganing
Cyndy Milda
Cyndy Milda
Board Member / Mdewakanton
Photograph of  Michael   Fairbanks
Michael Fairbanks
Board Member / Chairman Gaa-waabaabiganikaag
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