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Jailhouse Witness Data

Effective August 1, 2021, Section 634.045 of the Minnesota Statutes requires county attorneys to report to the commissioner of corrections, in a form determined by the commissioner, the following information:

( 1) the name of the jailhouse witness and the district court file number of the case in
which that witness testified or planned to testify;

(2) the substance and use of any testimony of a jailhouse witness against the interest of
a suspect or defendant, regardless of whether such testimony is presented at trial; and

(3) the jailhouse witness's agreement to cooperate with the prosecution and any benefit
that the prosecutor has offered or may offer in the future to the jailhouse witness in connection
with the testimony.

The commissioner of corrections is required to 1) maintain a statewide database containing the information received above, and 2) publish on its website an annual summary report. The commissioner of corrections must also provide data from the database to county attorneys upon request.

To report jailhouse witness data, click here .

To request information on a specific jailhouse witness, please send an email to

Annual summary reports will be published on this page, beginning in September 2022.

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