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Video Visitation

Video visitation is available at all DOC facilities. This allows people to visit an offender from any location with a computer that has a camera. To participate in a video visit with an offender, a person must be on the offender's approved visitors list. To schedule a video visit with an offender, go to If the visitor has not already done so, he or she will have to establish an account with JPay. Video visits are 30 minutes long and cost $9.95.

Video visitation is a privilege for offenders. Some offenders are not eligible for video visits because of current visiting restrictions or disciplinary status. Each offender should know whether he or she is eligible to receive video visits. It is also a privilege for friends and family that can be suspended for misconduct.

Video visiting scheduling is unique to each facility and each living unit. The JPay website is set up so you can only schedule a visit when the kiosk is available in the offender's living unit. That does not mean, however, that the offender is available. It is best to check with the offender you are visiting to agree upon a time before you schedule.

All video visits are recorded and subject to monitoring. Video visits can be terminated for offender or visitor misconduct and no refund will be given. Offenders and visitors can also lose video visiting privileges if they violate the rules.

Joining a video visitation

Scheduling a video visitation

Testing a webcam for a video visitation

Troubleshooting video visitations

Video visitation FAQs

Video Visitation Rules

How does the video visitation system work?
The system connects the offender in his or her living unit to the visitor on a computer. Participants can see and hear each other throughout the visit. The visitor must use a computer that has a camera and sound.

How often can I video visit with an offender?
Video visits do not count against an offender's visiting hours. How often you visit is limited by the availability of the kiosk in the offender's living unit and the offender's schedule.

When can I video visit with an offender?
Each living unit in each facility can have a different video visiting schedule.When you log into the JPay website and select the offender that you want to visit, the available times will be displayed. However, you should still check with the offender to see if he or she is available at that time.

How long is a video visit?
30 minutes

How much does a video visit cost?

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