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Commissioner's Message on Stay Home Order: 3/25/20

Corrections Commissioner Paul Schnell addresses staff regarding the Governor's Emergency Executive Order from 3/25/20.

Commissioner's Message to Staff: 3/19/20

Please watch the below video message from Commissioner Schnell to all DOC staff from March 19, 2020. Commissioner Schnell is thankful for everything that all of you do for Minnesota communities. We are truly One DOC and we will get through these trying times together.

How to Stay Informed

We are working closely with the Minnesota Department of Health and the Department of Public Safety to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 (“coronavirus") developments. For up-to-date information, visit the websites of the Minnesota Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Questions, submit them here:


Peer Support Information 

A Message From Your Peer Support Team (PST) Lydia Newlin and Shawn Yurick

Information about Coping with Worry

Children and Families Resources

COVID-19 Paid Leave Background and FAQ

See this page for information about using COVID-19 paid leave: COVID-19 Leave Policy Information

Staff Screening 

Staff are screened upon entering our facilities, district field offices, and Central Office. You will be given a Tennessen advisory about how the information will be used and then be asked four questions. 

COVID-19 Screening for Employees notice form

COVID-19 Screening for DOC Employees and Contractors

If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.

Online Resources to Healthcare

Additional information about the DOC's response to COVID-19

Update on Staff Testing (5.28.20)

COVID-19 Testing Update (5.21.20)

What the Governor's executive order means for us (5.14.20)

Corrections Employees Week (5.04.20)

Important COVID-19 updates – reassignment, Paid COVID-19 Leave and telework (4.30.20)

DOC update on increased testing, population management strategies (4.24.20)

Reassignment in response to COVID-19 (4.23.20)

Children and Families Resources in COVID-19 Response (4.23.20)

Employee Status Survey Reminder (04.20.20)

Updated Paid COVID-19 Leave Policy and Peer Support 04.14.20

COVID-19 Expanded Work Release Program Memo   (Policy)

Thank you and new requirement to update status regularly 04.09.20

MCF-Moose Lake Implements “Stay with Unit” Plan and Other Measures to Combat Covid-19 (4.8.20)

Face Barrier Memo (4.2.20)

What the Stay-at-Home order means for us and updated Paid COVID-19 Leave Policy (4.1.20)

Update memo to inmates from Commissioner Schnell (3.30.20)

Keeping your family healthy, social distancing, visiting, and inmate assignments (3.26.20)

Additional Resources for Child Care (3.25.20)

COVID-19 Leave Policy Information (3.20.20)

Background on where we are (3.20.20)

Memo to inmates: Latest Information on DOC COVID-19 Response (3.18.20)

Governor's School Closing Order (3.16.20)

Call-in Procedure for Staff (3.16.20) 

Latest information on DOC COVID-19 response (3.15.20)

Purchasing and Time Reporting for COVID-19 (3-15-20)

Supporting state workforce through COVID-19 (3.13.20)

Dept. of Corrections Sets Up Agency Command Post and Implements Other Measures to Address COVID-19 Concerns (3.13.20)

CDC COVID-19 Individual Mitigation Actions (3.13.20)

COVID-19 update (3.12.20)

Message to inmates from Deputy Commissioner Smith (3.11.20)

Health officials confirm third case of COVID (3.10.20)

Public message about DOC response (3.10.20)

Message from Commissioner Schnell about first MN Cases (3.09.20)

Visiting Guidance (3.9.20)

Offender Memo on Coronavirus and Flu (3.6.20)

Message from Safety Director Wayne Niles (3.2.20)

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