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Registration for the 2017 Collaborative Experience Conference is Now Open

Register today! #CollaborativeExperience

8/16/2017 5:33:01 PM

ASL version

If you are DeafBlind or prefer to watch the video in a darker, slower format, watch the DeafBlind friendly ASL version instead.

English version

The 2017 Collaborative Experience Conference for professionals who work with students who are Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing and for the parents and guardians of those students will happen on November 2-4, 2017! This is the 3rd consecutive year of hosting this conference since it was first identified as being sorely needed by the stakeholders of the Collaborative Plan.

Professionals and parents will have the opportunity to obtain information about the most recent research and practices in Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing education. They will also be able to network with over 325 peers representing the following fields:

  • Teachers D/HH
  • Teachers D/B
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors
  • Educational Audiologists
  • Educational Interpreters
  • Deaf Mentors
  • Parent Guides
  • Speech-Language-Pathologists
  • Public Health Professionals
  • Parents

Registration is now open! Go to the conference registration website

Additional information about the conference, such as the schedule, keynote speakers, and sponsor exhibitor guide, can be found at the Collaborative Experience page




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