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As one of several states in the United States that requires registration of franchise offerings, the Minnesota Department of Commerce-Securities Division is responsible for overseeing and helping to maintain the integrity of the franchise community in the State of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce-Securities Section ensures that both franchisor and franchisee are protected from unscrupulous operators in the state and consumers are protected from fraudulent franchise operations as outlined by the Minnesota Statute 80C.01 and Minnesota Rules Chapter 2860NASAA Franchise Registration and Disclosure Guidelines, and the Federal Trade Commission’s Franchise Rule.

Get Franchise Registration Information and Documents

Documents from the last 10 years are available through the Commerce Actions and Regulatory Documents Search (CARDS) system. These documents are public and may be copied.

Certified copies are available upon reasonable request and payment of $1.00/page. Call or email the Commerce Department at or 651-539-1638 to make arrangements for obtaining copies.

Registration of a franchise by the State of Minnesota does not mean that the state recommends the franchise or has verified the information within the application.

How to Renew or Amend a Franchise in Minnesota

Registration must be renewed annually if the franchiser intends to continue to offer and sell new franchises in the State of Minnesota.

As of January 15, 2021, all initial, amendment and renewal applications, and exemptions must be filed online via the e-File system.

Online e-File System and Instructions

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