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Information on license education including continuing education requirements, license examinations and how to qualify and apply for approvals associated with Minnesota insurance, real estate, and appraiser licensee education.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Continuing Education Course Submissions

The Commerce Department is implementing temporary, emergency procedures in regard to continuing education course submissions. The Department is temporarily waiving the requirement for courses to be submitted at least 30 days before the proposed initial course offering.

Commerce staff will continue to review course submissions in the order in which they are received. While the Department is waiving this deadline for application submission, continuing education providers should exercise good judgement when scheduling course offerings for courses not yet approved by the Department. Continuing education providers should submit as far in advance of the initial course offering as possible.

In the short term, individual questions are best directed to Commerce staff are responding as soon as possible to written inquiries from all regulated license types.

Education for Licensees

Information on license education including continuing education requirements and license examinations.


Information, applications, courses and more for provider-coordinators.

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