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Veteran License Reimbursement

The Minnesota Department of Commerce is dedicated to helping military veterans open new doors to employment by supporting their efforts to get licensed in Minnesota for qualifying real estate and insurance occupations.

The Commerce Department has partnered with the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs to reimburse veterans for the following licensing examinations:

  • Abstracter ($45.00)
  • Adjuster-Crop ($25.00)
  • Adjuster-Property & Casualty ($25.00)
  • Adjuster-Workers’ Compensation ($25.00) 
  • Broker-Combo National & State ($63.00)
  • Producer Accident & Health ($45.00) 
  • Producer Casualty ($45.00) 
  • Producer Farm Property & Liability ($45.00)
  • Producer Life ($45.00)
  • Producer Life Accident & Health ($45.00)
  • Producer Personal Lines ($45.00) 
  • Producer Property ($45.00) 
  • Producer Property Casualty ($45.00)
  • Real Estate Broker-National ($45.00)
  • Real Estate Broker-State Laws ($45.00)
  • Real Estate Salesperson-Combo National & State ($68.00)
  • Real Estate Salesperson-National ($45.00)
  • Real Estate Salesperson-State Laws ($45.00)
  • Real Property Appraiser-Certified General ($45.00)
  • Real Property Appraiser-Certified Residential ($45.00)
  • Real Property Appraiser-Licensed Residential ($45.00)
  • Real Property Appraiser-Trainee ($25.00)

Common Questions

Is there a limit to the number of tests I can be reimbursed for?
There is no limit to the number of tests you may take, or number of times you may take the same test. 

If I fail the test, can I still be reimbursed?
The examinations will be reimbursed by the VA even if the test is failed. 

Does the reimbursement cover other fees I might have when obtaining a license?
No, the VA pays only the test costs, or up to $2,000 for each test. Fees connected with obtaining a license or certification are not reimbursable. 

How do I get reimbursed?

What does the VA mean by “certification”?
Certification refers to the certification you get by taking a specific test for a field of employment, and not a certificate you receive for completing training.

For detailed information on the certification reimbursement process, download the VA Licensing and Certification Pamphlet

Find approved tests through the Department of Veteran Affairs

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