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Approved August 24th, 2022 by Board following community and Advisor review process:

Vision for New Behavioral Health Hospital on Site of Former Bethesda Hospital

Fairview is the current owner of the site where the Bethesda Hospital was previously located in the Capitol Heights neighborhood of the Capitol Area.  May 2022 marked the end of their 18-month lease with Ramsey County that established a temporary facility offering shelter services and COVID respite care for individuals experiencing homelessness.  
In December of 2021 Fairview stepped forward to announce a renewed direction for the site, outlining a vision to build a new hospital replacing the former Bethesda Hospital building – proposed to be shorter in height, with fewer beds, and designed within the footprint of the old facility. In fall of 2021, Fairview began a long range partnership with Acadia (a national mental/behavioral health care provider) to design, develop and deliver the new vision for the mental health hospital.
Winter 2021-22 began the planning and design process for the new facility.  As called for in CAAPB Zoning and Design Rules and CAAPB Comprehensive Plan, the process requires collaborative review meetings with CAAPB staff and advisors, involvement of community stakeholders and representatives of neighbor properties, updates for neighborhood groups and pre-application meetings with City and other agencies on infrastructure, traffic, parking, site planning and stormwater, etc. 
On August 24th, after completion of an extensive review process, the CAAPB Board approved a resolution 6-1 that directs CAAPB Zoning Administrator to issue permitting: 
“The Capitol Area Architectural & Planning Board (CAAPB) approves of the granting of permitting by the Zoning Administrator of the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board to Fairview Health Services and Acadia Healthcare, which include:
  • Zoning permit allowing for demolition of the existing hospital structure and related site features (with exception of the parking ramp) and the construction of a new hospital building with related site improvements as described in the August 11, 2022 Board Memo and the applicant’s referenced submittal.
  • Variance to the frontage standards of the Rules Governing Zoning and Design for the Minnesota State Capitol Area (related to granting of increased building setback at corner of Park Street and Como Avenue) as described in the Variance Notice published June 29, 2022, as outlined in Board Memo dated August 11, 2022 and the applicant’s referenced submittal.
This approval of conditional use and variances does not constitute a rezoning of the property, is valid only for the project proposed by this zoning application, and is not transferable to subsequent proposals or permit applications for this or any other property in the Capitol Area.”
Fairview, CAAPB and other agencies moved through the following milestones in the process from December 2021 to August 2022:


Formal Application Information Submitted to CAAPB:

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