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2040 Comprehensive Plan

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan for the Minnesota State Capitol Area is organized by a set of aspirational outcomes called The Capitol Area Principles. Each Principle is a chapter in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan (see Table of Contents here), developed through extensive review of existing policy, various planning tracks and studies, and interaction with stakeholder groups.  

The Capitol Area Principles anchor the policy that serves to guide the CAAPB in transforming the Capitol Area into a complete and healthy community with vibrant public spaces, a range of movement options, a diverse mix of land uses, and attractive buildings framing lively, pedestrian-friendly streets. They are designed to reinforce the visual pre-eminence of the Capitol Building, maintain the Capitol Campus as a visitor destination, preserve its component neighborhoods as vibrant urban villages, acknowledge the inherently productive nature of community building and neighborhood interdependence, and produce a clear direction for a future in tune with Saint Paul’s aspirations. 

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan for the Minnesota State Capitol Area was approved and adopted by the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board on June 3, 2021. 

Principle 5: The Capitol Area is an urban multi-modal district, seamlessly connected to destinations.

The fifth principle of the Comprehensive Plan outlines key strategies to restore the nature of multi-modal transportation in the Capitol Area, including:  

- A Complete Streets Framework
- Multiple Modes of Transportation Co-Located Around Integrated Mobility Hubs
- Capitol Area Mode Shift: District Strategies
- Travel Demand Management
- District and Shared Parking Strategies

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