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Image Credits

All current images © 2017 Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board unless otherwise noted.
Some photographs displayed on this website including historic images are from the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board's archives unless otherwise noted.
All other historic photographs are from the Minnesota Historical Society's visual collections library.
They are cited here in order of appearance:
Feature image for Cass Gilbert and Staff

Cass Gilbert and Staff

During the construction of the State Capitol in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Cass Gilbert is seated (fifth from left) with one of the Capitol building plans in the forefront.

Date: Approximately 1900

Feature image for Minnesota Board of State Capitol Comissioners

Minnesota Board of State Capitol Comissioners

The Board was comprised of seven citizens, one from each of the state's congressional districts. From left to right: Edgar Weaver, John De Laittre, C. H. Graves, Channing Seabury, George A. Du Toit, H.W. Lamberton, and E. E. Corliss.

Photographer: Charles A. Zimmerman

Feature image for Cass Gilbert's Vision

Cass Gilbert's Vision

Cass Gilbert standing on the partially constructed State Capitol building in Saint Paul

Date: May 9, 1901

Feature image for Capitol Approach

Capitol Approach

Aerial view of Minnesota State Capitol approach in Saint Paul.

Date: Approximately 1954

Feature image for Capitol Construction

Capitol Construction

Cass Gilbert standing before partially completed State Capitol dome.

Date: May 9, 1901

Feature image for First State Capitol Building

First State Capitol Building

Minnesota's first capitol building was built in 1853 and was destroyed by fire in 1881.

Photographer: Whitney's Gallery

Date: Approximately 1865

Feature image for Second State Capitol Building

Second State Capitol Building

The four-story, Romanesque masonry building was constructed in 1883.

Date: 1886

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