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PMP Statute Requirements

Minnesota Statutes Section 152.126 governs data collection, retention, and access to the Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program database.  Within the statute there are requirements related to the MN PMP.  Please click below to review the full statute language, or each requirement for details. 

MN Statutes § 152.126

Required Reporting

Dispensers (pharmacies) licensed by the Board of Pharmacy must report daily, all MN schedule II-V controlled substances, butalbital and gabapentin prescriptions to the MN PMP when dispensed in or into the State.

Notification Requirement

Dispensers are required to post conspicuous notice of the reporting requirements and that reported PMP information may be used for program administration purposes.

Account Registration Requirement

Every prescriber licensed in Minnesota, practicing in this state, authorized to prescribe controlled substances and every pharmacist licensed in Minnesota, practicing in this state are required to register for and maintain an account with the MN PMP.

Report Review Requirement

A prescriber, or their delegate must access the MN PMP for their patient before prescribing an initial prescription for an opiate, and at least once every three months for patients receiving an opiate for chronic pain or participating in medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction.

Delegate Audit

Supervising account holders that have authorized a delegate to search the MN PMP database on their behalf are required to audit searches performed by delegate(s) on at least a quarterly basis.

Random Account Audits

The Board of Pharmacy, on a quarterly basis, is required to select random PMP account holders (of any role type) to review the request history attributed to their account to ensure searches were permissible.
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