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MN Statewide Integration - Gateway

The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy (BOP), through grants received from federal government and other state agencies, is providing a state-wide license to enable one-click access to view Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) reports into approved Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Pharmacy Dispensing Software (PDS) systems using Bamboo Health's PMP Gateway Solution from September, 1, 2022 through October 31, 2023.

Through integration, your EHR or PDS, when prompted by an authorized account holder, will initiate a patient PMP search, using credentials and patient demographic information within your EHR or PDS, immediately returning a view of the patient's controlled substance prescription history report, without leaving the clinical workflow.  Integration will continue to provide access to the NarxCare analytics platform, which helps prescribers and dispensers evaluate controlled substance data from government managed and regulated prescription drug monitoring programs to make more informed prescribing and dispensing decisions. Learn more about Gateway and the NarxCare report by visiting the information resources tab.

Many healthcare electronic record systems are already connected or in development to integrate with the PMP Gateway. You can check the status of the software system your entity uses by clicking the Software Vendor Status document in the information resources tab! Please note there may be additional costs incurred to upgrade or develop your entity's software version to enable integration; these costs are the responsibility of the healthcare entity. 

Steps to Get Started

Feature image for Step 1 - Review the Gateway Welcome Kit

Step 1 - Review the Gateway Welcome Kit

This document will explain the process of integrating PMP access into your workflow. We recommend reviewing this kit prior to submitting a request to Customer Connect (step 4.)
Feature image for Step 2 - Review the Software Vendor Status List

Step 2 - Review the Software Vendor Status List

Find the EHR or PDS vendor that you work with.  Have they completed work to easily integrate the Gateway into your workflow? (Updated weekly!)
Feature image for Step 3 - Review the Information and Resources

Step 3 - Review the Information and Resources

Are there any additional questions that you have? You can learn more about Gateway and NarxCare by visiting Information and Resources.
Feature image for Step 4 - Submit your Request for Integration

Step 4 - Submit your Request for Integration

AUTHORIZED DECISION MAKERS ONLY, when you are ready, click Customer Connect.  You will create an account to submit a request to begin the integration process.
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