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Community Living: ENCOR

Year Description Author/Publisher File name
1962 Understanding Those Feelings, Reprint from "Those Flustered Feelings" Eugene T. McDonald 62-UTF-ETM.pdf
1968 The Initiation and Development of a Comprehensive, County-Wide System of Services for the Mentally Retarded of Douglas County, Nebraska Volume I Frank J. Menolascino, M.D., Robert L. Clark, & Wolf Wolfensberger, Ph.D., Greater Omaha Association for Retarded Children, Inc. 68-TIA-DCD.pdf
1969 GOARC Gazette GOARC 69-GOG-GOA.pdf
1969 Session Laws: Chapter 580, Office of Mental Retardation Nebraska Legislature 69-OMR-WMW.pdf
1970 Conference for Young Adult Retarded in Sweden Linda Glen 70-CYA-LG.pdf
1970 Reflections on Recent Mental Retardation Developments in Nebraska Wolf Wolfensberger / Frank Menolascino 70-ROR-WW.pdf
1970 GOARC Gazette GOARC 70-GOG-GOA.pdf
1970 Resolutions I and II to Establish ENCOR GOARC 70-RES-GOARC.pdf
1970 Reflections on Recent Mental Retardation Developments in Nebraska. I: A New Plan Reprinted from "Mental Retardation", Vol. 8, No. 6, December 1970 70-RRM-WW-FM.pdf
1970 The Initiation and Development of a Comprehensive, County-Wide System of Services for the Mentally Retarded of Douglas County, Volume II Frank J. Menolascino, M.D., Robert L. Clark, & Wolf Wolfensberger, Ph.D. 70-TID-GOARC.pdf
1971 Proposal for a Pilot Parent Program (GOARC) Shirley Dean, Wolf Wolfensberger, Fran Porter, and Ronald Kaiman 71-PPP-SD.pdf
1971 Tentative Pilot Parent Training Sessions Shirley Dean, Robert Perske, Rose Meile, and Frank Menolascino 71-TPP-SD.pdf
1971 Information on Material Included in Folder Shirley Dean and Robert Perske 71-IOM-SD.pdf
1971 GOARC Lending Library  GOARC 71-GLL-GOA.pdf
1971 Pilot Parents Referral Procedure Robert Perske and Shirley Dean 71-PPR-RP.pdf
1971 Pilot Parents Pamphlet GOARC 71-NPO-GOA.pdf
1971 New Parents Assignment Card GOARC 71-NPA-GOA.pdf
1971 Guideline for Parent-Helpers Wisconsin Association for Retarded Children 71-GFP-WAR.pdf
1971 Pilot Parent Training Evaluation GOARC 71-PPT-GOA.pdf
1971 Dehumanization vs. Dignity GOARC 71-DVD-GOA.pdf
1971 Powerful Process Of Normalization Robert Perske 71-PPO-RP.pdf
1971 Into the Light of Learning  NARC 71-ILL-NAR.pdf
1971 NARC: A Philosophy in Action  NARC 71-API-NAR.pdf
1971 The Three Stages in the Growth of a Parent of a Mentally Retarded Child Dan Boyd 71-TTT-DB.pdf
1971 GOARC Gazette GOARC 71-GOG-GOA.pdf
1971 Headliner ENCOR 71-HEA-ENC.pdf
1972 January, 1972 Training Sessions Robert Perske 72-JPP-RP.pdf
1972 Mission of GOARC Greater Omaha Association for Retarded Children 72-MGP-GOA.pdf
1972 History of GOARC Greater Omaha Association for Retarded Children 72-HOG-GOA.pdf
1972 Annual Report of GOARC Greater Omaha Association for Retarded Children 72-ARG-GOA.pdf
1972 Annual Report ENCOR 72-AR-ENC.pdf
1972 GOARC Gazette GOARC 72-GOG-GOA.pdf
1972 Headliner ENCOR 72-HEA-ENC.pdf
1973 ENCOR Annual Report 1972-1973 ENCOR 73-ARP-ENCOR.pdf
1973 ENCOR Brochure ENCOR 73-ENC-ENC.pdf
1973 Guaranteeing Growth in the Community: ENCOR's Developmental Programs Charles Galloway, Eastern Nebraska Community Office of Retardation 73-GGI-CG.pdf
1973 Needs of Parents of Mentally Retarded Children Mrs. Max A. Murray 73-NOP-MAM.pdf
1973 The Parents of Retarded Children Speak for Themselves Charlotte H. Waskowitz 73-PRC-CHW.pdf
1973 GOARC Gazette GOARC 73-GOG-GOA.pdf
1973 The ENCOR Exchange ENCOR 73-TEE-ENC.pdf
1974 ENCOR Annual Report 1973-1974 ENCOR 74-ARP-ENCOR.pdf
1974 Historical Perspective: Development of Community Services in Nebraska (Summary of Encor Programs) Charles Galloway 74-DCS-CG.pdf
1974 Free The People: A Citizens Guide For Social Change John J. McGee, Ph.D. 74-FTP-JJM.pdf
1974 GOARC Gazette GOARC 74-GOG-GOA.pdf
1974 The ENCOR Exchange ENCOR 74-TEE-ENC.pdf
1975 The ENHSA You Name It ENHSA 75-ENH-ENH.pdf
1975 ENCOR Funding Situation: Chronology of Events ENCOR 75-EFS-ENCOR.pdf
1975 Requiem or Revival?: The GOARC-ENCOR Struggle Ed Skarnulis 75-ROR-ERS.pdf
1975 GOARC Gazette GOARC 75-GOG-GOA.pdf
1975 The ENHSA ENsight ENHSA 75-ENH-ENH-2.pdf
1975 The ENHSA 72nd St. Rag ENHSA 75-TEN-ENH.pdf
1976 The Pilot Parent Program: Helping Handicapped Children Through Their Parents Frank J. Menolascino, M.D. and Robert Coleman 76-HHC-FJM.pdf
1976 GOARC Gazette GOARC 76-GOG-GOA.pdf
1976 ENCOR Update ENCOR 76-ENC-ENC.pdf
1977 We Are The Lucky Ones Lotte Moise 77-WAT-LM.pdf
1977 GOARC Gazette GOARC 77-GOG-GOA.pdf
1977 ENCOR Update, January ENCOR 77-ENC-ENC.pdf
1977 ENCOR Update, October ENCOR 77-2-ENC-ENC.pdf
1978 ENCOR – A Way Ahead The Campaign for Mentally Handicapped People 78-EAW-CMH.pdf
1978 Special Report: Fresh Views of Employment of Mentally Handicapped People President: Committee on Employment of the Handicapped 78-FVE-CEH.pdf
1978 The Pilot Parent Program: A Design for Developing a Program for Parents of Handicapped Children Fran Porter 78-PPP-FP.pdf
1978 Resolutions, Goals and Statements People First Of Nebraska 78-RGS-PFN.pdf
1978 Label Them 'People' First South Sioux City Star 78-LTP-SSC.pdf
1978 Label Them 'People' First Cedar County News 78-LTP-CCN.pdf
1978 People First Convention Lincoln Star 78-PFC-LS.pdf
1978 Handicapped Unite with Purpose Omaha World Herald 78-HUP-OWH.pdf
1978 We Are People First John Mc Gill, Nebraska Advocacy Services 78-WAP-JM.pdf
1978 Basic Information: Pilot Parent Program Shirley Dean 78-BIP-SD.pdf
1978 A Design For Developing a Program For Parents of Handicapped Children Fran Porter 78-ADF-FP.pdf
1978 GOARC Gazette GOARC 78-GOG-GOA.pdf
1979 Invitation to Jefferson Award in Honor of Raymond Loomis KETV Television 79-KET-KET.pdf
1979 Loomis Finalist for National Award United Way of the Midlands 79-LFN-UWM.pdf
1979 Ray Loomis and Jefferson Award Omaha World Herald, American Institute for Public Service, etc. 79-Loomis-Jefferson-Award.pdf
1979 Article: "Finally…" Omaha World Herald 79-F-OWH.pdf
1979 "If you think you are handicapped, you might as well stay indoors..." Ray Loomis KETV TV (Ad for Jefferson Award) 79-IYT-RL.pdf
1979 Jefferson Award's Statement of Purpose Author Unknown 79-JAS-AU.pdf
1979 Jefferson Award Letter to Ray Loomis American Institute for Public Service, Samuel S. Beard 79-JAL-SSB.pdf
1979 Article: "Big Award Awaits Loomis" Author Unknown 79-BAA-AU.pdf
1979 Article: "Rite Wednesday for Ray Loomis" Author Unknown 79-RWL-AU.pdf
1979 Eulogy: "In Memory of Ray Loomis" Ed Skarnulis 79-IMO-ES.pdf
1979 We Have Promises To Keep….. Kevin Casey and  Lois Rood 79-WHP-KC.pdf
1979 GOARC Gazette GOARC 79-GOG-GOA.pdf
1979 ENCOR Update ENCOR 79-ENC-ENC.pdf
1979 Funeral Announcement for Ray Loomis Author Unknown 79-FA-AU.pdf
1980s ENCOR Brochure ENCOR 80s-ENC-ENC.pdf
1980 GOARC Gazette GOARC 80-GOG-GOA.pdf
1981 "England! For Pleasure and Purpose" Down's Syndrome News 81-EFP-DSN.pdf
1981 ENCOR Services Critique Eastern Nebraska Human Services Agency, Alan Tyne and Paul Williams 81-ENC-AT.pdf
1981 Advocacy Systems For Persons With DD Research and Training Center in Mental Retardation, Texas Tech University, Barbara Jessing and Shirley Dean 81-ASF-BJ.pdf
1981 GOARC Gazette GOARC 81-GOG-GOA.pdf
1982 GOARC Gazette GOARC 82-GOG-GOA.pdf
1983 GOARC Gazette GOARC 83-GOG-GOA.pdf
1984 Gentle Teaching John J. McGee, Ph.D. 84-GT-JJM.pdf
1984 Text of Recording Made for the International Symposium on Mental Retardation Paul Williams 84-ISO-PW.pdf
1985 Effects of Group Homes on Neighborhood Property Values Carey S. Ryan and Ann Coyne, "Mental Retardation", Vol. 23, No. 5, October 1985 85-EGH-CSR.pdf
1986 "Believing in Ourselves and Growing in our Communities" People First of Nebraska 86-BIO-PFN.pdf
1986 Focus on Mental Retardation ARC Nebraska 86-FOM-AON.pdf
1990 Parent To Parent Information Packet Betsy Santelli 90-PTP-BS.pdf
1991 Article: "We've Got to Get together and Get Johnny Out Of Jail" The GOARC Gazette 91-GJO-TGO.pdf
1993 "People First of Nebraska... is building a dream." Annual Board of Directors Planning Retreat Nebraska Center for Continuing Education 93-PFN-NCC.pdf
1998 "We Are The Like Trees" Ollie Webb 98-WAT-OW.pdf
1998 Article: "Naysayers Were Wrong" Rainbow Rowell, Omaha World Herald 98-NWW-RR.pdf
2000 Article: "Celebrating Life of a Nebraska Advocate" Shirley Dean 00-CTL-SD.pdf
2002 Out of the Darkness AAMR 02-out-of-the-darkness.pdf
2003 Article: "Goodbye Ollie" Robert Perske, inSight 03-GO-RP.pdf
2003 Article: "Disabled lose longtime advocate Ollie Webb" Kristin Zagurski, Omaha World Herald 03-DLL-KZ.pdf
2003 "Call Me By My Name" The Arc of Nebraska Focus 03-CMB-TA.pdf
2003 Ollie Webb – Someone Who Made a Difference On The Level: League of Human Dignity 03-OWS-LOH.pdf
2004 "A Parent for All Times" GOARC 04-APF-GOA.pdf
2008 ENCOR Letter to Minnesota Governor's Council on DD Connie Koontz 08-TMG-CK.pdf
2010 "Dean was advocate for disabled" 10-Dean_Was_