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Postcards of Institutions: Lucy Gwin, Mouth Magazine, shared hundreds of scanned postcards of state institution exteriors.
Worcester State Hospital Occupational Therapy Department Booklet: Lucy Gwin, Mouth Magazine, shared these images from a 1933 publication showing institution life from the nursery to working in industry
Eugenics: Eugenics was, quite literally, an effort to breed better human beings — by encouraging the reproduction of people with "good genes" and discouraging those with "bad genes."
Drug Ads: Lucy Gwin, Mouth Magazine, shared four different sets of drug ads.
"Psychotherapy and Drug Treatments": More Information about Psychotherapy and Drug Treatments
Treatments (lobotomies, baskets, water treatments, cells, restraints) Lucy Gwin, Mouth Magazine, shared several sets of images including the transorbital lobotomy, use of cages, water treatments, cells and various restraints.
Cells: More information about cells
The Transorbital Lobotomy: More information about the transorbital lobotomy
Water Treatments: More information about the water treatments
Cribs, Cages, and Baskets: More Information about cribs, cages and baskets
Restraints: More Information about restraints from the past
Bedlam by Albert Maisel (1946): The Council purchased a copy of the 1946 Life Magazine article entitled "Bedlam" by Albert Maisel. These photos are taken from that article.

A Place to Call Home

Institution Life: Lucy Gwin, Mouth Magazine, shared these photos showing institution life. They are from a museum located in St. Joseph, Missouri.
Photos of the New Haven, CT Regional Center, courtesy of the Connecticut Department of Mental Retardation
Group Home in Sweden
Photos from "Public Hostage: Public Ransom – Inside Institutional America
A Selection of Photos of Pennhurst State Hospital and School
Photos from a 2014 visit to Pennhurst State Hospital buildings and grounds
Faribault State Hospital: Mel Heckt from Minnesota donated several boxes of historical materials including a scrapbook of photos from Faribault State Hospital.
Slide show of photos from You Choose, the 1991 call to action by Lucy Gwin
Tom Gilhool speaks about Gunnar Dybwad and historic PARC case (Audio Presentation)
Rosewood State Hospital in Maryland

A Place to Learn

Images of Education Settings prior to the 1950s.
Images from the book The Mentally Retarded Child: A Physiological Approach by: Hubert Robinson and Nancy Robinson (1965)
Images from the book Beyond the Limit: Innovations in Services for the Severely and Profoundly Retarded Edited by: Frank J. Menolascino, M.D., and Paul H. Pearson, M.D. (1974).
Lou Brown
Photos from the 1980s

Real Work

Metro Work Center: The photographs in this presentation come from a scrapbook of the Metro Work Center that depicts scenes from the day program in 1960s.
Images of assistive technology