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Research Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Minnesota Forest Resources Council Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is to identify and initiate priority forest resources research by increasing collaboration among research organizations and disciplines, encourage interaction between researchers and practitioners, and communicate funding needs for priority forest resources research to the legislature (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 89A.08).

The RAC consists of representatives of:

  1. The College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS), University of Minnesota;
  2. The Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI), University of Minnesota;
  3. The Department of Natural Resources;
  4. The North Central Research Station (NCRS), USDA Forest Service; and 
  5. Other organizations as deemed appropriate by the Council.
In addition to its Purpose (Subd. 2), the RAC will:
  • Periodically conduct a review of the status of forest resources research in Minnesota to identify priority areas of research and assess progress on meeting priority research needs (Subd. 3).
  • Promote research needs and communicate research findings to the research community, forest managers, and the public (Subd. 4).
  • Facilitate meetings and forums to enhance communication between organizations, agencies, and individuals conducting forest resources research (Subd. 5).
  • Report to the Council regarding the accomplishments of the RAC in fulfilling the above responsibilities (Subd. 6).

Meeting Summaries


Mike Kilgore - (Committee Chair) Department Head, University of Minnesota Dept. of Forest Resources; Higher Education Representative, MFRC
Kory Cease - Land Commissioner, Itasca County
Bob Haight – Research Forester, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station
Emily Peters – Forest Ecologist, MN DNR – Division of Ecological and Water Resources
Peter Reich – Regents Professor, UMN, Department of Forest Resources
Erik Schilling – Senior Research Scientist, National Council on Air and Stream Improvement, Inc.
Rolf Weberg - Executive Director, Natural Resources Research Institute

Staff Liaisons


2021 - 2023 Strategic Plan

Carbon in Minnesota's Forests: Current Status and Future Opportunities

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