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Temporary Healthcare Staffing

The Temporary Healthcare Staffing Master Contract Program (Program) is designed to equip state agencies and CPV members with a pool of qualified firms that provide Temporary Staffing for Healthcare and Direct Care. The Program will also provide state agencies and CPV members with readily capable and available resources while reducing the overall cost to the State.
While the primary objective of the Program is to provide a quick means of purchasing the above-referenced services, the Program provides several additional benefits, including:
  • Enhanced temporary staffing procurement process to increase agency efficiency and effectiveness, which will reduce the cost of procuring services;
  • Streamlined administrative process to identify and assess eligible Contractors; and
  • Administrative Efficiency (contracts are already in place, most terms have already been negotiated).
  • Master contracts in this Program are available for use by all state agencies and other governmental units eligible under the State's Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV), established pursuant to Minnesota Statute §16C.03, subdivision 10. Entities eligible to participate under the CPV are described in Minnesota Statute §16C.105.
The following contractors have been awarded master contracts. Select contractor name to review contractor-specific information and cost data.

How do I utilize the program?

Work Order Contracts will be issued by the agency or governmental entity in need of services. The Agency or governmental unit will issue an Engagement Request, identifying the needed services and requesting a proposal for those services from all of the Master Contract holders. First, determine your eligibility to use the program. You must be a state agency or a member of the State's Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) program. Second, an Engagement Request form and Certification form must be completed to begin the process. The completed documents must be transmitted to for assignment of a transaction tracking number by the Department of Administration's Office of State Procurement (OSP). OSP will return the Engagement Request with an assigned transaction tracking number and additional instructions.
  1. An agency/member must complete and electronically submit an Engagement Request (ER) and Work Order Certification (Work Order Certification form not required for CPV Members) form to the P/T Unit at the Department of Administration Office of State Procurement (OSP). The forms must be e-mailed to
  2. OSP will assign an RCX tracking number and return the originating ER document and certification (state agencies only) with the tracking number to the agency/member via e-mail.
  3. Following receipt of the originating ER document and tracking number from OSP, agency/member shall submit the Engagement Request to all Master Contract holders. The originating ER document will direct the contractor to contact the agency/member within two business days of receipt of the originating ER document or earlier if instructed by the agency/member.
  4. Most requests will benefit from a Q&A conference with the Master Contract holders to answer any questions about the Engagement Request. OSP can help facilitate this conference if needed.
  5. Agency/member can choose to conduct interviews with the responding Master Contract holders.
  6. Following receipt of responses from each contractor, the agency/member shall score and evaluate the proposals, applying the state's or CPV member's evaluation criteria. Following the evaluations, the agency/member shall commence negotiations with the highest scoring responder. 
  7. If negotiations are successful, the agency/member may proceed to create a Work Order Contract. The work order must thoroughly identify the contractor's duties and negotiated cost.
  8. Work Order Contracts require the signature of the contractor, agency/member and the Commissioner of Administration. A signature verifying the encumbrance of funds is required for State agencies. Once signatures from the contractor and agency/member have been obtained, route the Work Order Contract, Engagement Request, and Certification to OSP for review and signature.
Eligible Vendors Qualification Summary
Reporting (State Agencies Only)
Minnesota Statute § 16C.08, subdivision 4(c) requires state agencies, upon completion of a professional/technical services contract in excess of $25,000, to submit a one-page report summarizing the purpose of the contract, identifying the amount spent on the contract, and evaluating the work completed by the contractor. Reports can be completed online at The reporting requirement does not apply to users other than Minnesota state agencies.
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