Small Business Assistance Office

Our Small Business Assistance Office places a special emphasis on providing the in-depth information that is so crucial to business success yet too costly for many businessmen and women to obtain on their own.

We help reduce the expense in terms of money, time, expertise, and lost opportunity for startups and established businesses alike by offering individual consultation services along with a comprehensive series of business guidebooks.

Consultation Services

Our consultants field all kinds of inquiries, ranging from basic process questions ("What form do I need to file, where do I get it, and with whom do I file it?") to addressing far more complex tax, regulatory, financial, managerial, business structure and other questions.      

Contact one of our consultants:

Government Contracting/Procurement/Purchasing Contacts

State of Minnesota

Minnesota Department of Administration: Materials Management Division

Vendors interested in doing business with the state of Minnesota must register through the Supplier Portal, which is part of the state's new accounting and procurement system.

Federal Government

Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA)

MEDA hosts the Minnesota Procurement Technical Assistance Center (MN PTAC) that helps all Minnesota businesses pursue government procurement opportunities. MN PTAC offers specialized support for Women, Veteran, and HUB Zone businesses.

Business Guidebooks

Far from generic advice, our business guidebooks are written specifically for companies that will be doing business in Minnesota and operating under Minnesota laws and regulations.

Our Guide to Starting a Business in Minnesota is the most comprehensive reference of its kind and a must read for anyone contemplating the startup or purchase of an existing business.

Our other in-depth guidebooks are produced in collaboration with major Minnesota law firms and subject matter experts on such topics as employment law, Internet commerce, securities offerings, franchising, debt financing, loan documentation, and intellectual property protection.

Guidebooks may be viewed and downloaded online. Print and electronic versions on CD maybe ordered free of charge.

Here are our current offerings:

A Guide to Starting A Business in Minnesota (34th Edition, January 2016)
Also available on CD.

An Employer’s Guide to Employment Law Issues in Minnesota (12th Edition, April 2014)
(A collaborative effort with the law firm of Lindquist & Vennum LLP). Also available on CD.

A Legal Guide To Privacy and Data Security (June 2014)
(A collaboration with the law firm Gray Plant Mooty). Also available on CD.
Upon request, this publication can be made available in an alternative format by contacting (651) 259-7476.

A Legal Guide to the Use of Social Media in the Workplace (July 2013) 
(A collaboration with the law firm Gray Plant Mooty). Also available on CD.

A Legal Guide To Technology Transactions (April 2012)
(A collaborative effort with the law firm Gray Plant Mooty). Also available on CD.

Minnesota Adopts New Limited Liability Company (LLC) Act

Minnesota's Angel Tax Credit - Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR) Revised January 2015
(A collaborative effort with the law firm of Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd.). Also available on CD.

A Guide to Intellectual Property Protection (13th Edition, October 2015) 
(A collaborative effort with the law firm of Merchant & Gould P.C.). Also available on CD.

Loan Documentation: An Introduction for Small Businesses (A collaborative effort with the law firm of Krass Monroe, P.A.). Available only on CD.

Raising Capital: Securities Law and Business Considerations (6th Edition May 2010). (A collaborative effort with the law firm of Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly LLP). Available only on CD.

A Legal Guide to the Internet (6th Edition, April 2006)
(A collaborative effort with the law firm of Merchant & Gould P.C.). Available only on CD.

An Introduction to Franchising (3rd Edition, January 2008)
(A collaborative effort with the law firm of Briggs and Morgan, P.A.). Available only on CD.

A Guide to Biotechnology Finance  (1st Edition, August 2005)
(A collaborative effort with the law firm of Lindquist & Vennum LLP). Available only on CD.

A Guide to Biotechnology Finance - 2009 Supplement  
(A collaborative effort with the law firm of Lindquist & Vennum LLP). Available only on CD.

Why and How to Conduct a Human Resources Audit in Minnesota   
(A collaborative effort with the law firm of Rider, Bennett, Egan & Arundel, LLP). Available only on CD.

Small Business Notes Newsletter

Small Business Notes is a monthly newsletter that provides timely, accurate and useful information on topics of interest to small businesses in Minnesota.

Select the links below to view, download and print current and past issues. 

December 2015

President Signs Tax Extender Bill

Securities Law Changes found Deep in New Transportation Law

November 2015

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Issues Final Rules on Federal Crowdfunding Exemption

Minnesota Department of Commerce Publishes Proposed Rules for Minnesota’s MNVest Crowdfunding Offerings

October 2015
Eighth Circuit Addresses Deference To Be Given To Administrative Agency’s Interpretation Of Its Own Rule

September 2015
New Federal E-Warranty Act Allows for Warranty Information Online  

August 2015
Federal Trade Commission Action Makes for a Cautionary Tale on Donation Based Crowdfunding

July 2015 
U.S. Department of Labor Indicates It Will Look at Compensability of Employee Efforts Involving Off-Schedule and Off-Premises Use of Electronic Devices

Proposed Rules Published on “White Collar Job Exemptions” to Salary and Overtime Requirements of Federal Fair Labor Standards Act

New U.S. Department of Labor Interpretation Addresses “Economic Realities” Test in Classifying Workers as Employees or Independent Contractors  

June 2015
Minnesota Enacts Equity Crowdfunding Legislation. Employer Motivation Not Knowledge Is Enough To Establish A Disparate-Treatment Claim Says U.S. Supreme Court

May 2015
Recent Case Involving Minnesota Business Highlights The Need To Understand Insurance Coverage 

April 2015 
Small Businesses Survive But Do they Prosper? the SBA's 2015 Small Business Profile for Minnesota 

March 2015
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Votes to Approve Major New Regulation A + With Substantial Impact on Raising of Equity Capital

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Publishes Proposed Rule to Create Expanded, All-Agency Mentor-Protege Program for Small Businesses to Develop Capacity to Seek, Obtain, and Perform on Federal Contracts

February 2015
Minnesota Court of Appeals Determines Websites and Domain Names are Property Subject to Garnishment under Minnesota Law

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Publishes Call for Proposals for Early Stage Investment Companies

No Small Business Notes for January 2015

December 2014
U.S. Small Business Administration Releases 2013 Rankings for Small Business Lenders 

November 2014
Major changes Possible for Franchisors in Light of National Labor Relations Board General Counsel's Position in McDonald's and Browning Ferris Matters

September 2014
IRS Letter Addresses Free Parking Fringe Benefit

July/August 2014  
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Reads Employee Code of Conduct Broadly in Determining Employer Engaged in an Unfair Labor Practice

Applications Being Accepted for Greater Minnesota Business Expansion Sales Tax Refunds

June 2014
Securities and Exchange Commission Releases Two Interpretations Relating to Social Media and Online Electronic Platforms in Securities Offerings

May 2014
U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business Holds Hearing on Whether Certain U.S. Small Business Administration Programs are “Necessary or Redundant Spending” 

New Law Will Require Equal Pay Certification from Some State Contractors. New Law Creates Public Benefit Corporations in Minnesota

April 2014
Minnesota Adopts New Law on Formation and Operation of Limited Liability Companies. New Minnesota Minimum Wage to Affect Most Employers

U.S. Small Business Administration Eliminates Personal Resources Test for 7(a) Loans

March 2014
Minnesota Angel Tax Credit Extra Funding for 2014 Now Available. President Directs Review of Federal Overtime Regulations

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Provides Guidance Documents for Employers on Religious Garb and Grooming in the Workplace

February 2014
Affordable Care Act's Employer Mandate Delayed Again

Eighth Circuit Reiterates That Bad Behavior and Unfortunate Outcomes Do Not Necessarily Rise to the Level of Employment Discrimination

No Small Business Notes for January 2014