Objectives and Plans

Everything we do at DEED is driven by five overarching objectives for Minnesota's workers, businesses and communities.

Those objectives, and the plans to reach them, are:

  • Attract, retain and expand businesses and create jobs
  • Cultivate entrepreneurs
  • Connect workers to jobs, prepare workers for jobs in demand and assist people to live independently
  • Stabilize and stimulate the economy through benefit payments
  • Help communities thrive

Our plans provide a roadmap for action and help assess progress in meeting our goals. DEED's strategic planning results from an examination of the current environment, awareness of the pending challenges and opportunities, and regular check-ins so strategic plans become ongoing time-management tools that tell leaders and staff where to focus energy and resources.

Strategic Roadmap

DEED's strategy is outlined in:

Workforce Investment Act Plans

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 is a federal law that provides the framework for a workforce preparation and employment system to help businesses and job seekers in the U.S.

With WIA as the overarching plan, DEED coordinates a joint planning process that includes public and private entities, and members of the general public, to develop a state unified plan that meets WIA requirements while focusing on Minnesota-specific needs and goals. Local workforce investment boards (WIBs) in Minnesota in turn submit unified plans that describe how the local workforce investment systems under their guidance, via Workforce Service Area (WSA) providers, will respond to the needs of regional labor markets.