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Do Twitter and Facebook leave you craving more information? Our blogs offer the fix you need. To learn more about why Minnesota is the best place to live, work and do business, check out our DEED Developments blog. For the latest job search tips and techniques, give our blog a look. For practical, how-to guidance in starting and managing a business, see our Minnesota Business 101 blog.



  • DEED 
    Our DEED Twitter account is intended for business owners, media, and anyone interested in news about Minnesota's economy. Get news about Minnesota's economic climate, updates on DEED's programs and services, press releases and more. Follow us at @mndeed

  • MinnesotaWorks 
    Our MinnesotaWorks Twitter account offers information of interest to job seekers, career counselors, and recruiters. We post career advice, job hunting tips, and links to jobs on Follow us at @MinnesotaWorks.


  • DEED - this is the official channel for our agency. It contains video tutorials for employers looking to hire veterans, overviews of our programs and services, and promotional material. 

  • Minnesota's WorkForce Center - our official channel for job search advice. Check out our video tutorials and get the latest job seeking tips!


We have multiple presences on LinkedIn. To connect with the agency, follow DEED's LinkedIn page

You can also connect with various programs within our agency through LinkedIn groups, such as:

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