Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

According to the 2010 2nd quarter census of all firms covered by Minnesota’s unemployment insurance program, total employment was still down over the same quarter a year earlier by 16,654 to 2,578,487. However, over the same one-year span, the number of establishments was up for the second consecutive quarter and the average weekly wage was up for the third quarter.

Data from the QCEW program provides a level of detail not available from other survey-based programs. Employment and wage data are produced down to small geographic areas such as townships and parts of cities and at highly detailed (6-digit NAICS) levels of industries. Each quarter, over a quarter million such area/industry cells are produced.

Beginning with the release of 2010 2nd quarter data, the QCEW data query tool (accessed below) also provides easy access to Business Employment Dynamics (BED) data. This rich and comprehensive data set includes gross job gains and losses per quarter, opening and closing establishments, and much more.

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