Data and Resources

Minnesota Reports and Resources

2012 Broadband Plan Outline 

Explains actions for the Task Force to develop a Broadband Plan during 2012 and guideposts for development of an annual report that describes where we are now, where we are going, and how we will get there. View the outline.

2011 Governor’s Task Force on Broadband 

In December 2011, the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband issued its first report with an inventory and assessment of broadband in the state. View the report.

2010 Minnesota Broadband Advisory Task Force Annual Report 

In 2010, the Minnesota Broadband Advisory Task Force issued an annual report on the state’s progress in achieving statutory Broadband goals. View the report.

2009 Minnesota Ultra High-Speed Broadband Task Force Report 

The Minnesota Ultra High-Speed Broadband Task Force was convened in April 2008 to outline a path to ultra high-speed Internet access for all residents of the state by 2015. View the report.

Connect Minnesota 

The Connect Minnesota website provides a large amount of information on broadband in Minnesota. It is frequently updated with results of new survey work. The site also offers Minnesotans the opportunity to report on their own experiences with broadband access and adoption.

Blandin on Broadband 

The Blandin on Broadband blog provides current information on broadband activities and events around the state and highlights how decisions at the national level impact Minnesota.

Minnesota Center for Rural Policy and Development 

The Minnesota Center for Rural Policy and Development tracks computer usage and broadband adoption in Greater Minnesota. The organization's website includes a comparison to usage and adoption in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Federal Reports and Resources

National Broadband Map 

Use the National Broadband Map to check a location anywhere in the United States. You can also analyze the data used to prepare the map.

National Broadband Plan 

View the Federal Communications Commission's National Broadband Plan.

FCC on the Federal Deployment of Broadband 

The Federal Communications Commission released an order moving federal universal service funding from telephone service to a Connect America Fund to support the deployment of broadband. View the order.