Financial Assistance

Broadband Grants for Healthcare 

The Federal Communications Commission's Healthcare Connect Fund makes grants to healthcare providers. Get the details and learn how to apply.

Reduced Pricing Through Your Provider

If you are a low-income subscriber residing in either a Comcast or CenturyLink area, you may be eligible for reduced pricing of monthly broadband service. Learn more about Comcast's program. Learn more about CenturyLink's program.

Other Minnesota cable companies (Charter, Mediacom, Sjoberg’s Cable and Midcontinent) offer discounted pricing for broadband access as well under the federal Connect2Compete program. If your location is served by one of these cable companies, you may want to contact them directly to see if you are eligible.

Discounted Computers

Both Comcast and CenturyLink offer discounted pricing on computers. Another option for a low-cost computer is available through the nonprofit PCs for People. Reach them by phone at (651) 354-2552.

If you want to use a computer but do not want to own one or do not have a broadband connection, the Technology Literacy Collaborative lists community technology centers, including libraries, in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. Learn more about computers and how to use them.