Why Minnesota

Business. Economy. Wealth. Health. Culture. Nature. Happiness. Any way you look at us, Minnesota is the envy of the nation and the best place to live, work and do business.

See for yourself in Thriving in the North: Root Yourself in Opportunity, and Thriving in the North: Expand, Innovate, Flourish, which showcase the unique elements that make us standout.

Speaking of elements, check out "Minnesotium!" the award-winning video that scientifically identifies the source of Minnesota's greatness .

Check out our "Why Minnesota" overview, especially created for site selectors and location consultants.

Regional Information

For companies scouting locations to startup, expand or relocate, each region of Minnesota offers unique qualities and distinct advantages.

Living and Working

High standards of living. Low crime and poverty rates. High job satisfaction. High home ownership in some of the most lovely and livable cities anywhere.

Great State of Health

Access to great health care and a penchant for healthy lifestyles make Minnesotans some of the healthiest people in the nation.

Culture, Recreation, Outdoor Life

Tall buildings. Great nightlife. Tall trees. Great wildlife. And water, water everywhere. That’s the great thing: You can have it all or get away from it all.

Minnesota - An Easy Business Decision

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