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Board of Directors

The make up of MCLA consists of 11 council members, 4 members of the Minnesota Legislature, and staff.  The MCLA members form the leadership of the organization.  Each member is appointed by the governor for a term of four years.  Members are appointed to represent each of the state’s eight congressional districts, and three additional at-large members are appointed; all with voting rights. 

The other unit of leadership within MCLA are the representatives from the Minnesota Legislature.  During each session, the leadership from the state Senate and House appoint two members from each chamber to serve on the council; all with voting rights.

Photograph of  Alejandra   Bejarano
Alejandra Bejarano
Congressional District 1
Appointed: January 2022/Expires: January 2026
Photograph of  Ana   Vergara
Ana Vergara
Treasurer, Congressional District 2
Appointed: April 23, 2019/ Expires: January 2, 2023
Photograph of  Leticia  Guadarrama
Leticia Guadarrama
Secretary, Congressional District 3
Appointed: April 2019/ Expires: January 2023
Photograph of  Marco   Hernandez
Marco Hernandez
MCLA's Chair, Congressional District 4
Appointed: March 2020/Expires: March 2024
Photograph of  Clara  Ugarte-Perrin
Clara Ugarte-Perrin
Vice-Chair, Congressional District 5
Appointed: July 3, 2019/ Expires: January 2, 2023
Photograph of  Monica  Segura-Schwartz
Monica Segura-Schwartz
Congressional District 6
Appointed:April 2019/ Expires: January 2023
Photograph of  Martha  Castanon
Martha Castanon
Congressional District 7
Appointed: March 2018/Expires: January 2026
Photograph of  Susana   Pelayo Woodward
Susana Pelayo Woodward
Congressional District 8
Appointed: April 2019/ Expires: 2023
Photograph of  Sandra  Filardo
Sandra Filardo
At-Large Member
Appointed: June 2016/Expires: March 2024
Photograph of  Ivette  Izea-Martinez
Ivette Izea-Martinez
At Large Member
Appointed: December 28, 2020-January 1, 2024
Photograph of  Ronald  Salazar
Ronald Salazar
Appointed: January 2022/ Expires: January 2026
Photograph of Senator Carla  Nelson
Senator Carla Nelson
District 26
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