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Current Opportunities

Owner's Representative Services for Mountain Bike Planning and Implementation

The Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation, an agency of the State of Minnesota, is soliciting proposals from interested, qualified consultants and intends to retain a professional consulting firm to provide Owner's Representative services to assist with a Mountain Bike Trails project. The Owner's Representative will assist the agency in the performance of its obligations and enforcement of its rights during the design and construction of the Mountain Bike Trails Project within our service area. Proposals must be submitted no later than 2:00 pm on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.  

For additional information, please see

Development of Residence Club Lands

The Department of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation, an agency of the State of Minnesota, is seeking information and ideas from all interested parties regarding developing lands, currently known as the Residence Club Development (RCD), owned by the agency at Giants Ridge Golf and Ski Resort in Biwabik, Minnesota. This Request for Information (RFI) is to encourage development interest in the RCD site and to identify a preferred responder for the RCD build-out.  The RFI period will open on January 29, 2018 and remain open until the agency otherwise declares in writing.
For more information please contact Al Becicka at 218-735-3003 or

Other Opportunities

The Office of Equity in Procurement promotes opportunities to do business with the state, and provide assistance to small businesses owned by women, minorities, people with substantial physical disabilities, and veterans as they seek state contracts.

The office helps state agencies be leaders in equal employment opportunities, equal contracting opportunities, and full participation in civic life for all Minnesotans.

More than 1,000 small businesses are certified as veteran-owned, economically disadvantaged, or targeted group businesses in Minnesota based on the business's ownership by woman, minority, person with a substantial physical disability, or by its location in an economically disadvantaged area.   

Learn more: Office of Equity in Procurement 

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