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Virginia Plastics

Plastics 2 (1)Virginia Plastics was purchased by Jim Zerban who intends to make it the premier domestic plastic supplier of narrow-width tubular bags, tubing and lay flat sheeting. Located in Mountain Iron’s Merritt Industrial Park, the company has been in business for over 30 years as a polyethylene film manufacturer. Virginia Plastics supplies its products to the mining, steel, chemical, automotive, industrial and consumer industries. The facility is a 24-hour operation and manufactures products such as bags used for shipping heavy metal parts, sub-assembled fertilizer and dog food bags, biohazard bags for the medical industry, blast hole liners for the mining industry, minnow bags, and resistance bands used for strength and fitness training. Narrow width tubing and film production has seen slow growth nationally and competitors have exited the industry. This opens up opportunities for Virginia Plastics outside of Minnesota and creates potential for growth and higher selling prices. Virginia Plastics was assisted with a bank participation loan by Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation for asset acquisition.


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