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Auto Theft Prevention

Auto Theft Prevention in Minnesota

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2020 UCR Data by Agency with Zip (.xlsx)

Submit a tip about:

  • Information on the location of a stolen vehicle
  • Information about stolen vehicle parts
  • Information about an individual or business stealing vehicles, using stolen vehicles, or using stolen vehicle parts

Use caution to avoid auto theft:

  • Always take your vehicle's key with you; do not leave keys inside or on your vehicle.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors when you leave your vehicle .
  • Whenever possible, park in well-lit areas..
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle, especially if they can be seen from outside the vehicle.
  • Find more information in National Insurance Crime Bureau "Vehicle Theft" brochure (English or Spanish).

Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Pilot Program 

The Minnesota Legislature in 2021 directed Commerce to create a plan for marking catalytic converters of vehicles the most at risk for theft. The law (Minn. Stat. 325E.21) requires Commerce to gather feedback from law enforcement, insurance companies and scrap metal dealers to identify the most at-risk vehicles and establish marking techniques to deter and prevent these thefts. 

More info:  Catalytic Converter Pilot

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