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Community Priorities Survey

Every two years the Council deploys a Community Priorities Survey to Asian and Pacific Islanders living across Minnesota. This survey is one of the tools the Council utilizes to better serve our Asian Pacific Minnesotan (APM) communities over the coming years. The survey is designed to capture both recurring and new community concerns that can be addressed through our legislative work.
In order for the survey to be a powerful statement, reflective of the concerns of the APM community, we encourage participation from across the metro, Greater Minnesota, and our diverse ethnic groups. 

About the Survey


What does the Community Priorities Survey ask?

The first part of the survey asks about basic demographic information: city and ethnicity. This information is collected solely to ensure the Council is collecting an accurate sample from the APM community, and remains anonymous. 
The second part of the survey identifies critical information about the APM community that helps guide the Council's work. From a list of topics, identified through past community surveys, the survey taker is asked to select the 3 most important issues to them. If they not see an issue that is important to them, they may write in their own issue. In addition to listed topics, write-in responses are analyzed to understand why these issues are important to our community and to help guide the Council in finding solutions to address these issues. 

Are responses anonymous?

Yes, all survey responses are completely anonymous. 

How are the results used?

The Council gathers all responses, analyzes them for emerging trends, and then uses the findings to help drive our work as the advisor to the Minnesota Legislature and the Governor’s Office. Our research staff process the data collected from community responses to help guide our work for the following two years.

How can we learn survey results?

Community priority reports and legislative agendas are available to the public via the Council's website, email updates, and social media.
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