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Khendum Gyabak

Term: June 2021 to January 2025
Khendum Gyabak is an education consultant with the University of Minnesota as well as an assistant adjunct graduate professor at Indiana University—Bloomington. Focusing on areas of teaching and education, she has conducted research in Nepal, Bhutan, and Papua New Guinea. She holds a PhD from Indiana University.
Ms. Gyabak moved from Bhutan to the U.S. in 2008 to pursue graduate education. She brings extensive knowledge to the Council’s Board of how educational research, curriculum, and program design may serve to empower or otherwise affect marginalized communities. 
Ms. Gyabak also maintains an urban garden, publishes a cooking blog, and enjoys exploring her hometown of Minneapolis by bicycle via the extensive system of trails. 
About the Bhutanese community
Bhutanese Minnesotans are a primarily refugee-experienced community. Minnesota saw its first influx of Bhutanese community members around 2008 following harsh treatment of the Lhotshampa people—or those who migrated to Bhutan from Nepal many decades ago—in Bhutan. There are an estimated 1,142 Bhutanese individuals in Minnesota. Read more about Minnesota’s Bhutanese community in the Council’s Emerging Communities Report
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