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Elizabeth Eckman

Term: January 2023 to January 2027
Elizabeth Eckman has worked in the hospitality, management, and recruiting industry for over two decades and specializes in local and national talent acquisition. As the youngest woman and first Asian American to become a joint venture partner in the three-decade history of her national boutique recruiting firm, Ms. Eckman currently manages clients ranging from multi-million dollar corporate entities to small entrepreneurial hospitality endeavors. 
Born in Daegu, the fourth largest city in South Korea, Ms. Eckman is a Korean adoptee raised in a small town in Minnesota until she moved to St. Paul in 2019. Ms. Eckman is passionate about volunteering her time and mentoring industry youths. She enjoys all genre of music and exploring local farmers markets as well as attending cultural events at the Landmark Center.
About the Korean Minnesotan community: 

The Korean Minnesotan community is estimated at 24,356 strong, representing the 5th largest Asian Pacific community in Minnesota. Koreans began arriving in Minnesota during the mid-twentieth century, and many more have arrived since then as first-generation immigrants. Minnesota is also home to the largest Korean adoptee community in the United States. Of Korean Minnesotans who speak a native language other than English at home, 14% are considered limited English proficient.
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