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Ngawang Dolker

Term: June 2021 to January 2025
Ngawang Dolker is an immigration attorney and serves as president of the board of the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota. Earlier in her career she served with the Army and Air Force ROTC and has worked in various non-profit and non-governmental organizations. 
Ms. Dolker brings a diverse background of experiences to her work on the Council board. Having grown up in a refugee camp in India, she represents Minnesota’s Tibetan community and has now lived in Minnesota for over 25 years. She credits her success to the many opportunities she’s had in her life and works tirelessly to ensure her efforts and the sacrifices of her family are put to good use. 
About the Tibetan Minnesotan community
The Tibetan Minnesotan community is comprised of about 5,000 individuals. Minnesota is home to the second-largest Tibetan population in the United States. Tibetans began migrating to the United States in the late 20th century as part of the Tibetan Resettlement Process, which included 160 Tibetans originally originally resettled in Minnesota. Tibetans continued to migrate to Minnesota from South Asian nations, including India and Nepal, where hundreds of thousands of Tibetans live in exile. Today, Tibetans continue to come to Minnesota to seek employment and economic opportunities. The community remains tightly connected.
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