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Mission & Goals

Each biennium, the Board revisits these mission and goals. Learn more about how the Council determines its mission


The Council works toward economic, social, legal, and political equality for Minnesotans of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) heritage.


1.       Minnesota’s API communities benefit from the Council’s work. The Council is charged with advocating on behalf of Minnesota’s API communities, so the Council’s decisions and actions must meaningfully contribute to their well-being. Key strategies for this goal include the following:

          A.      Advocate for the needs of API communities.

B.      Engage with diverse API communities, from newly arrived to long established, to understand their evolving needs.

C.      Build and maintain strong and diverse partnerships.


2.       Minnesota’s API communities trust the Council. A key function of the Council is as a liaison between state government and Minnesota’s API communities, which requires mutual trust. Key strategies for this goal include the following:

A.      Participate strategically in community settings.

B.      Build intentional and relevant partnerships.

C.      Actively engage with diverse API communities.


3.       The Council is an agent of change in State government. As an advisory body to the Legislature and the Governor, the Council is uniquely positioned to collaboratively shape public policy. Key strategies for this goal include the following:

A.      Build API communities’ capacity to inform and influence public policy.

B.      Help policy makers understand the nature of issues facing Minnesota’s API communities.

C.      Broaden and deepen the Council’s ability to successfully influence public policy.


4.       The Council leads dynamically and effectively. Minnesota’s API community is diverse across educational, economic, and ethnic boundaries. In response, the Council must practice adaptive and community-centered leadership. Key strategies for this goal include the following:

A.      Anticipate emerging trends and issues, and lead relevant public policy initiatives.

B.      Actively build community leadership.

C.      Ensure an inclusive and vibrant Council culture.

D.      Enhance Council infrastructure to improve the Council’s capacity to carry out its mission. 

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