Programs and services

Many services are available to help people stay in their homes, even when they have health care needs. But there are times when a person may need a level of care that can only be provided in a facility like a nursing home.

  • Choosing a nursing home
    Choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one can be challenging. The following sources can be helpful as you consider your choices.
    • Minnesota’s Nursing Home Report Card has information to help you make your choice. The Report Card shows how nursing homes scored on seven quality measures
    • The federal government also has a Nursing Home Compare website that provides data on nursing homes that accept Medicare and Medical Assistance
    • You should also visit nursing homes being considered and discuss choices with family members and facility staff.
  • Paying for nursing home care
    • Medical Assistance (MA) can help people who qualify pay for nursing home care. Ask your county if you need to have a Long-Term Care Consultation before you apply for MA.
    • Long-term care insurance also may help pay. Coverage depends on your policy. Check with your insurance company to find out what they might cover.
    • You can also pay for nursing home care yourself. This is called “private pay.” Private pay costs depend on a number of factors, including the person’s physical and mental condition and the care he or she needs.
    • Medicare may pay for short nursing home stays. For example, Medicare may pay if you need to go to a nursing home for a short time for care after you've had surgery.
  • Moving out of a nursing home

    Many people moving out of a nursing home need services and supports when they move home or into another setting in the community. Help is available to decide what you need and how best to get it.

    • If Medical Assistance pays for nursing home care, you’ll need to have an assessment to determine your ongoing health care needs. Your county worker or health plan care coordinator can give you more information.
    • If Medical Assistance does not pay for your care, you can get help through the Return to Community service offered by the Senior Linkage Line®.

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