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Case management

  • What is HIV case management?

    HIV case management is a program that offers assistance with things critical to maintaining your health and well-being. Case management can help you overcome barriers to accessing services, set and achieve goals and find resources. Their job is to work with you to help you live successfully with HIV.

  • Why would I need a case manager?

    Living with HIV can present many challenges. An HIV case manager can help you access services such as health care, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, housing and other support.

  • How do I find a case manager?

    You can contact Program HH Customer Care at 651-431-2398 for help. You can also contact the Minnesota AIDS Project AIDSLine at 612-373-2437 or 800-248-2437. Case management is provided through several HIV/AIDS organizations as well as through many hospital settings.

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