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Governor’s Task Force delivers recommendations to improve mental health care
The Governor’s Task Force on Mental Health delivered recommendations to Gov. Mark Dayton today for creating a statewide mental health system that meets the needs of all Minnesotans.

Live Well at Home grants to help homeless older Minnesotans
Services to provide and improve housing for older adults who are homeless or at risk of being so are funded this year by Live Well at Home grants administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Help find permanent homes and families for 489 Minnesota kids

Of the 866 children currently under state guardianship, 489 need adoptive families immediately. The Minnesota Department of Human Services is working diligently with its partners to connect families looking to adopt with kids needing a forever home.

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#OurMN: Adoptions Across Minnesota
Length: 3:41 Direct Link
In a series of videos about how Minnesota puts its tax dollars to work, the Minnesota Department of Revenue recently featured a Minnesota couple, Blair Nelson and Connie Jorgensen, who adopted seven children, ages 6-26, from the state’s foster care system over the past two decades. They spoke at the Department of Human Services’ Celebrate Adoption: Circus of the Heart event in November. Currently, 489 children in the foster care system are waiting for adoptive families immediately.

Medica questions?

Beginning this spring Medica will no longer provide some types of health care coverage through the State of Minnesota. See answers to common questions about this announcement and who will be affected on the Medica questions page.

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Jorgensen-Nelson kids

The Jorgensen-Nelson family includes seven adopted children.

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