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Home care

Home care

Home care provides medical and health-related services and assistance with day-to-day activities to people in their home. It can be used to provide short-term care for people moving from a hospital or nursing home back to their home, or it can also be used to provide continuing care to people with ongoing needs.

Home care services may also be provided outside the person’s home when normal life activities take them away from home.



Home care services are available to people:

  • Who are eligible for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare Expanded (pregnant women and children)
  • Who have needs that are medically necessary, physician ordered and provided according to a written service plan
  • Home care services are to be provided in a person's residence, not in a hospital or nursing facility


Medical Assistance covers the following home care services:

All home care services require authorization from DHS except for home care therapy services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and respiratory therapy) and the first nine skilled nurse visits per calendar year.


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