Frequently asked questions


  • What is the nutrition program?

    The nutrition program helps people who have experienced weight loss or wasting associated with HIV. The program provides dietary supplements like Boost or Ensure to help people gain weight. The program provides up to $100 worth of product per month.

  • Can I get vitamins through the nutrition program?

    No, the nutrition program does not provide vitamins. You may receive vitamins through Program HH through the drug program. Vitamins must be prescribed by a doctor.

  • Can I get products to help me lose weight?

    No, the nutrition program is intended to help people gain weight. If you have weight loss issues, consult your physician for advice on weight loss. Ryan White also funds dieticians who can assist you with nutrition and weight loss issues. For more information contact DHS Customer Care at 651-431-2398.

  • How do I get supplements if I feel I need them?

    If you feel you need nutritional supplements through the program, you must first meet with a licensed dietician who will assess if you qualify to receive supplements. The dietician will ask questions to determine if your particular weight issues require additional nutritional supplements. If the dietician determines you need supplements, they will set up a prior authorization at a pharmacy. Once you are receiving supplements you must meet with the dietician once every six months to determine if your nutritional needs have changed

  • How do I find a dietician?

    You can ask your doctor's office if they have a dietician as part of your care team. If you do not have access through your clinic to see a dietician, several Ryan White funded dieticians can help. Please call Program HH Customer Care at 651-431-2398 for help.

  • Will it cost me anything?

    No, if you qualify, you can receive up to $100 worth of supplements per month at no cost to you.

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