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Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Committee


Established in 1992, the Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Committee provides recommendations to DHS on program development and concerns about health and human service needs for persons with traumatic brain injuries. Minnesota Statutes, section 256B.093

A state TBI advisory council and lead agency are two required core components for state TBI grant infrastructure. In 1997, Governor Carlson designated

  • The Department of Human Services as Minnesota’s lead agency for TBI services
  • The DHS TBI Advisory Committee as the state TBI advisory council

The Federal government has made grant funding available to states, including Minnesota, since 1996. The TBI Act of 2006 (reauthorized in 2008) established Implementation Partnership grants to ensure state systems continue to improve their ability to meet the needs of individuals with TBI and their families. IP grants:

  • Allow state agencies to conduct, expand or improve service capacity to people with traumatic brain injuries
  • Support systems improvement activities so states can evaluate their current structure and policies

In 2010, the Minnesota Department of Human Services received its second four-year IP grant to expand on earlier work funded by a 2006-2010 grant. Both IP grants support the work of the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The 2006-2010 IP grant assessed prevalence of TBI in Minnesota correctional facilities and began to develop strategies for successful return to the community.

Current grant funding allows the hiring of a project psychologist and release planner to work with offenders who have significant needs related to their traumatic brain injury. An added focus of this grant will address community re-entry for American Indian offenders.



The DHS Commissioner appoints committee members for one- or two-year terms. Committee membership includes:

  • People with brain injuries
  • Family members of people with brain injuries
  • Representatives of the Brain Injury Association of Minnesota
  • Representatives of various groups which provides supports and services to people with brain injuries
  • Representatives from various DHS agencies


Periodic statewide needs and resource assessments and state planning efforts are required for the IP grants. In the spring of 2009, attendees of Town Hall Meetings held across the state completed a needs and resource survey. In addition, the Brain Injury Association of Minnesota hosted the survey online for completion.

Find survey results in the 2009 - 2010 Minnesota Statewide Traumatic Brain Injury Needs and Resource Assessment (PDF). This report serves as a resource for state brain injury planning efforts.


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