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Consumer directed community supports

Consumer directed community supports (CDCS) is a unique service option that gives persons more flexibility and responsibility for directing their services and supports, including hiring and managing direct care staff. CDCS may include services, support and/or items currently available through the Medical Assistance waivers, as well as additional allowable services that provide needed support to persons.

Who is eligible for CDCS?

CDCS is a service option under several home and community-based programs. CDCS is available as a statewide service for persons enrolled in one of the following programs:

What services are available through CDCS?

The range of allowable CDCS services and supports can be tailored to meet a person's needs. The flexibility built into CDCS allows a person to describe the services and supports in ways that are meaningful to the person. A person's plan can include a mix of required and optional services and supports.

How can I find out more about the CDCS service?

For more information on CDCS, contact your local county agency or tribe (PDF) or if enrolled in MSHO, contact your health plan member services.

Consumer Directed Community Supports Brochure DHS-4124 (PDF)
Consumer Directed Community Supports Consumer Handbook DHS-4317 (PDF)
Consumer Directed Community Supports Lead Agency Operations Manual DHS-4270 (PDF)

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