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The Minnesota Department of Human Services provides services for more than one million Minnesotans in 87 counties and 11 tribes.


Frequently asked questions


  • What can the insurance program do for me?

    The insurance program is able to buy insurance policies for clients who qualify and meet eligibility requirements. If you qualify, Program HH will make the premium payments for you. Program HH does not pay for dental insurance or life insurance policies.

  • Will Program HH purchase insurance for anyone?

    Program HH offers the insurance premium payment program to COBRA participants and those who have no other option to receive health care benefits either through their employer or through another Minnesota Health Care Program like MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance.

    Minnesota Health Care Programs Application DHS-3417 (PDF)
  • What kind of insurance does Program HH purchase?

    Program HH purchases comprehensive medical policies through the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA). MCHA is Minnesota’s high-risk insurance pool. The coverage provides major medical and drug coverage. Program HH also pays for COBRA and Medicare Part D policies.

  • What if I have insurance through my job?

    If you have access to insurance through your employer, Program HH requires that you enroll in that coverage. If you pay over 50% over the premium cost Program HH will assist you by paying your portion of the premium payment. If you pay less than 50% of the total premium cost, the payments are your responsibility.

    In either case, Program HH will assist you buy paying any out of pocket medication co-pays for HH formulary drugs.

  • Does Program HH pay my deductible?

    Program HH will assist you with your deductible as long as it is for the purchase of medication on the Program HH formulary. Most deductibles have an annual renewal date. Filling your prescriptions at the beginning of your deductible period would allow Program HH to cover that expense.

  • Does Program HH pay for any out of pocket office visit co-pays?

    Program HH will not pay any office visit copays or other medical expenses associated with lab work or tests.

  • What if I lose the medical insurance benefits from my job?

    In the instance that you lose your job and you have employer-sponsored insurance, Program HH will assist you by paying your COBRA premiums.

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